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How to Make Beautiful Flower Arrangements?

Updated on October 23, 2016

Great Idea for a Fall Arrangement

Beautifuf fall arrangement using a real pumpkin
Beautifuf fall arrangement using a real pumpkin | Source

My Own Flower Arrangements.

An Arrangement I made when friends were visiting
An Arrangement I made when friends were visiting | Source
This is a perfect holiday arrangement for a bathroom or small table.
This is a perfect holiday arrangement for a bathroom or small table.
Beautiful at a wedding but I can see in a home in Spring or Fall
Beautiful at a wedding but I can see in a home in Spring or Fall | Source

Flowers in my Garden

"The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness the human soul is apt to revive also" Harriet Ann Jacobs

Arranging a flower arrangement for my home is one of the most self-expressive and artistic things I have ever done. When I am working with the flowers I lose myself in complete abandon. The world goes on and I stop and am caught up by all my senses. It is a time when space, color, or size, does not matter.

I love to collect jars, vases and bowls to arrange in along with spiked floral frogs to help the flowers to stand up or floral foam. I can usually find these items at flea markets and antique stores. Some florists believe the foam prevents the flowers from absorbing water and nutrients but it can be easy to work with and is inexpensive. Be sure to keep it wet.

References Traditional homes march 1998♦

Getting Ideas

I use nature as my starting place and just walk around my yard or maybe even the neighborhood looking for ideas for my new creation. It is even more special if the arrangement is for a special occasion and the more shapes and colors I find the more excited I become about the limitless possibilities of ways I might begin to express my feelings for that moment.

It is a time when I can go very dramatic, something I might never do with a pattern on a sofa or a wall color . But for that small area, be it my dining room table or guest bath I know I have created something very personal to share with others and hopefully maybe even brighten someone's day.

I have learned this art not so much by studying but just observing and years of practicing or playing, My garden has become a cornucopia of colors and my oldest daughter likes to lovingly label it my crazy garden because of all the different shapes and colors.

We have even named certain flowers after friends because a flower has a way of taking on a life and personality of its own and my girls and I can often see personalities in these beautiful gifts from God.

I might use all one color and be very bold."This might be the difference between being seduced and being distracted"♦ by the arrangement.

When I concentrate on very bold colors perhaps in a red and burgundy or dark purple and then put the arrangement on my dining room table for guests it takes on a life of it's own and may "smolder through a dinner party like a glowing piece of coal."♦

Your dinner may not be as big a hit so much as the arrangement that you created.

When you concentrate on similar colors you can keep from being distracted by the arrangement but rather see the beauty of the flowers.

I also have found some antique books on arrangements which are fun to look at for great ideas.

A Fun Color Combination

I love this combination of colors. I would love to plant some of these in my yard.
I love this combination of colors. I would love to plant some of these in my yard. | Source

Making a flower arrangement

This is floral foam often used in an arrangement. It must be kept damp at all times or your flowers will wilt
This is floral foam often used in an arrangement. It must be kept damp at all times or your flowers will wilt | Source

How to make a Causal Arrangement

Floral Frog

Working with your Arragements

Today's arrangements are "compact and gutsy". In these times of financial downsizing people are "becoming concerned about the value of flowers, the ratio of visual impact to money spent".

Small yet very intense groupings of the same or very similar flowers set around a home can be more stylish and a lot less expensive, like a grouping of tulips or even daisies from your local grocery store.

Taking my pruning shears out with me on a beautiful spring day I might take clippings of my Chinese cherry tree as it is begging to burst into bloom. To do this I start in February when the weather has warmed up just a bit and pick branches with plump closed buds on them. I look at the way the branch is growing to see if it will work in an arrangement. Once I clip it off with pruning shears I bring my prizes in and cut again and score the bottom of each branch up to about 1/2 inch to help it absorb water. Then I place the arrangement of branches in a very clean large deep container with a homemade solution. If your water turn cloudy change your water and be sure there are no buds dipping in the water that will encourage rotting. Once the buds begin to open the fun begins. It looks awesome in a large clear container in the corner of almost any room and each morning when I sip my coffee it has metamorphosed overnight into a new creation. You can help your branches to last longer by placing them in a cool spot once they have begun to bloom.

If you decide to anchor your flowers with florists Oasis you want to soak it for several hours to be sure your flowers will have plenty of water. When you cut your flowers they open up to take in more nutrients but the stem hardens as fast as 10 seconds. Be sure to recut your stems when either you get home for the store where you purchased your flowers or you come indoors. Again it is always nice to carry a plastic bucket or water pitcher to plunge you cut flowers into as soon as you cut them but there are times when this is impractical.

My garden is usually the beginning of my color palette. Whatever the season at the time I can find something to be creative with. It might be beautiful yellow jonquils or blue hydrangeas I have found in my backyard. I bring them in and can then become an artist with a limitless palette.

I am always amazed at the beauty of the blooms on my even my edible chive plants. They never fail me but are always ready to greet in mid-April. What person is so dependable? To top it off they offer the sweet herb all summer long to flavor my salads or my sour cream and chives on my salad or potato.

As summer approaches roses start to green up and the buds begin to form. Often I may have forgotten the color of each one and wait for my surprise to see a rose bush burst into deep burgundy or pale pink. All along the way the hosta leaves are growing quickly preparing to push up their glorious lilac colored flowers in midsummer. Each green plant in my garden is the promise of a new but familiar friend from last year. Sea hollies begin to grow their long leaves preparing to reward me with their beautiful blue star-like blooms. Clematis climbs up my mailbox and honeysuckle plays against the rails of my porch bringing beautiful scents. Gladiolus begin their ascent toward the sky. It is as if they are waiting for Easter's arrival!!

Sometimes when I am collecting my arms become so full I have to go in for baskets to bring my specimens inside. Once inside I can spend hours coming up with all kinds of ideas for my arrangements.

Remember also when bringing fresh flowers inside to cut the stem at an angle so it can drink as much as possible. Put the stems in cool water as soon as you can after you bring them in from your garden. If you can let them sit for several hours in water before you arrange this can prolong the life of your creation. Put a small amount of bleach in the water, maybe 1/2 capful to keep them fresh or better yet make up one of the three recipes mentioned above. Change your water often and be sure no leaves from the stems are dipping into the water. This will cause fast rotting.

Fun and Pretty Flower Arrangements

I love how these flowers can be found in the average yard. This would make a fun arrangement.
I love how these flowers can be found in the average yard. This would make a fun arrangement. | Source

The Recipes to Preserve Your Arrangements

The Recipes to Preserve Your Arrangements

Here are several recipes for solutions to keep your arrangements fresh. Just remember also when the water starts to cloud up you probably to change it and recut some of your large blooms.

• 2 cups lemon-lime carbonated beverage • 2 cups water • 1 /2 teaspoon household chlorine bleach
• 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice • 1 tablespoon sugar • 1/2 teaspoon household chlorine bleach • mix with 1 quart water
• 2 tablespoons white vinegar • 2 tablespoons sugar • 1/2 teaspoon household chlorine bleach • mix with 1 quart water

Use which ever you like and even play around and see which one works the best for you. These are great for keeping all you flowering blooms fresh or in a hurry just use the little bleach solution.

Outdoor Arrangements

I especially love the smell of the wisteria bush as it bursts into bloom or the lavender plants at the lake in early spring. In my shade garden I can always find ferns and ivy to add beauty to any arrangement. I love to add impatiens to this part of the garden to add a pop of color. Each year is different.

There is always a joy when your garden proliferates and you share it with a dear friend. It brings a kind of oneness to you both.

Who can not enjoy an outdoor arrangement of ornamental grass for height and sweet potato vine to cascade down the side of a beautiful or even simple pot. Now add the awesome color of geraniums and/or cascading petunias. As summer lingers the pot rewards you with more beauty.

Nursery workers fondly call the flowers in the arrangements Thrillers for the main event, Spillers for the cascading plants you use to fall down along your pot and Fillers, for those plants used to add a little fill and interest to your arrangement.

Just keep it well watered and pinch the plants back so they don't go to seed. Fertilize the plants as directed. ( I like to use soil with slow released fertilizer already added.) You will only need small flowers to start because as they grow your arrangement should feel in nicely.

Samples of flower arrangements

A Christmas arrangement I made for our table
A Christmas arrangement I made for our table | Source
A flower arrangement I made for company
A flower arrangement I made for company | Source

Use your Imagination

Never be afraid to play with your flowers. Get cuttings of leaves from your yard. Bend them down into the arrangements. You may change your finished product several times before you are done. It is amazing for me to see what you can do to make $3.99 grocery store flowers look like a masterpiece from a specialty florist. Add Curly Willow to add height to your arrangement. I have a curly willow tree in my yard. It is easy to take a cutting of Curly Willow and let it root in water to share with your friends.

You might even have some silk flowers inside you want to use with your arrangement. You can add some ribbon and put a big bow on your vase.. Holidays are great with tall additions like hearts for Valentines and Santa's for Christmas. Let your imagination run. There are no rules to making homemade flower arrangements.

In Conclusion

Yes flower arranging is awe inspiring. This is one hobby I look forward to each year and one which i hope to never tire. The garden itself reminds me of the reality and trustworthiness of God and that each day the sun will rise and in the evening the moon and stars will appear in the sky. What a an awesome thing to behold. It is difficult to work with flowers and not be one with God. Give it a try. You may find yourself with a new hobby.

"Enjoy the small things of life" Nella Cordelia

How to Make Beautiful Flower Arrangements?

Do you make your own floral arrangements

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Beautiful Christmas Flower arrangement

Great Idea!!!

I love the way these gerber daisy's are accented with oranges in a clear rectangular container.
I love the way these gerber daisy's are accented with oranges in a clear rectangular container. | Source


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    Nancy McClintock 

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