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Flower Bouquets For Different Occasions

Updated on March 17, 2012

A flower bouquet simply refers to collection of different types of flowers resulting in an appealing arrangement. It consists of flowers like roses,tulips and lilies. These flowers are commonly fresh cut and real but these days bouquets made up of silk flowers are also becoming very popular. The reason behind this is that such bouquets last longer and also look beautiful.A flower bouquet can be used for different occasions including valentines, weddings or someone's birthday. In this post, I will discuss different aspects related to flower bouquets and the occasions where one can use them.

Let us first discuss the wedding bouquets. Some of the most popular wedding bouquets are Posy Bouquet,Nosegay Bouquet,Cascading Bouquet and Crescent Bouquet. While selecting your bridal bouquet you need to make sure it matches with your wedding dress. You can also take the suggestions of florist while buying the bouquet. We all are aware of the importance of wedding bouquet. During the whole wedding ceremony the bride has to hold the bouquet and after the ceremony is over the bouquet is tossed for others to catch. The person who catches it is believed to get married soon.

Similarly you can buy bouquets for other special occasions including birthdays or valentine. These act as a good medium to express your love and care for others. These bouquets can also be used to express sympathy is some grief too. While buying a bouquet you should take your time and instruct the florist to make arrangements as per your choice. There are pre-made arrangements available too if you are in hurry.

In brief we can say that bouquets symbolize your affection and love for others. It can make the day unforgettable for someone thus strengthening your relations with the person. I hope this post helped you to understand the benefits of flower bouquets for different occasions.


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