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Flowers Beauty of Nature

Updated on September 23, 2014

Famous Flowers

Some famous Flowers

  • Red Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Daisies
  • Daffodils
  • Iris

Flowers Most Beautiful Creation of Allah

Flowers are most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty and beauty of nature. Thousands of flowers have been discovered from Asian to Africa and Europe to America. We can see different types of flowers everywhere in different color, shape and fragrance. Since long time people have used flowers to express their feelings.

Meaning of Flowers

Many flowers have important meaning in today’s culture. Red Roses are symbol of love, passion and beauty. Daisies are symbols of innocence. Lilies are sign of grief and sorrow. Flowers are used in all important occasions to show grief and happiness of someone. From birth day to death flowers are best means to show expression of person.

History of Flowers

History of flowers are millions year old. Former old Egyptian, Roman and Persian civilizations were also used flowers to show their expressions in grief and happiness. Flowers pictures are also used for decoration and expressions. Scientist have documented 170000 species of flowers. Flower fragrance is also important part of human life.

Flowers and Social and Cultural Values

Thousands type of fragrance have discovered and people are using in different parts of world. Flowers have great importance in every country national flowers are symbols representing a country.

Every country is using different types of flowers to express their social and culture values. The Rose is the national flower of United States, united Kingdom and Maldives. Flowers are also providing employment opportunity to thousands of people. Flower business is very famous and profitable in several countries specially in Asian and Europe.

Red Rose

Res Rose is very famous and rightly called kind of flowers. Red rose is really a beauty of nature and amazing creation of Allah almighty. Red rose is available in different parts of the world and mark of love and affection. Red Roses are the ancient symbols of love and beauty. Rose means Pink or Red in different languages.

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is beautiful flower and available in several parts of the world but Madurai a city in Tamil Nadu is very famous in production of Jasmine. Due to beauty of Jasmine several countries considers Jasmine as a national symbol including Pakistan, Indonesia and Philippines. Syrian city Damascus called the city of Jasmine. In Thailand Jasmine is used as a symbol of motherhood. A Revolution in Tunisia also called Jasmine Revolution.

Flowers - Beauty of Nature

The World Most Beautiful Flowers

Flowers - Color of Life


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