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FotoJet for all your collage and photo designs

Updated on August 25, 2017

Looking for a good photo source? Need invitations but can not afford to buy them? Want to do something special with your baby pictures? Looking to come up with a classy Facebook cover?

All of these photo issues and more can be solve with just one user-friendly programs,, that was created by PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd., a dedicated graphics and software development company. FotoJet is designed to be a simple photo collage creation tool that can be used with or without sign-up, the hardest thing that you are required to do is to decide which photo/s you want to use.

Promote your on line business.
Promote your on line business.


The big pluses with FotoJet is that you don't need to reveal any personal information, it has a serious privacy policy, has a detailed, easy to understand tutorial that explains the different phases to complete, as well as the “what's this for” and you keep any copyright you have on your images.

FotoJet will work on any Web browser and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. You can create a variety collages, posters, social media banners and headers, a wide array of photo cards for any occasion, fun photos and other graphic designs that you can save, share or print.

Classic Collage template used to creative this simple photo project.
Classic Collage template used to creative this simple photo project.


FotoJet provides over 700 ready-made creative collage templates, over 80 ready-made classic collage templates or you can start with a blank page and make your own. Templates are categorize for easy find, photos are obtain from either your computer or Facebook, which you just drag and drop onto the template of your choice. You can move, resize, rotate, flip, crop, make color adjustments, and delete any photo courtesy of a floating panel. You can add text, use their wide selection of clip art, and change the background from the same panel used to select a template. And it is easy to tweak your project even more by clicking on the advance option button.

Easy to use

It allows you to be more creative when posting on Instagram or Facebook and provides tools to make your Facebook cover or YouTube banner stand out and more interesting, which in turn help push your brand.

There is a good selection of Photo Card templates to create a nice looking birthday card, holiday card or wedding invite. For your fun and silly side FotoJet has templates for Fun Photos, Magazine cover, and Posters.

FotoJet Plus

Professional graphic people may benefit more from the upgraded version, FotoJet Plus. The work area is larger because of no ads and there are more tools to enhance your work. The advanced editing tools enhance your projects in a snap and you can keep your creative juices going with the additional premium templates. To help obtain more flow the upgraded version has 20 more photo effects and an extra 30 shapes and overlays. Plus it offers a wider range of clipart images, over 300, use of premium frames and premium fonts, all that give a professional polished look to your work.

FotoJet is worth a try

Overall, provides a good program with a fairly easy learning curve and a quick and easy way to use your photo; I feel people who are into scrap-booking will be very pleased using this site just because of the wide range of templates and for the clip art. The program is enjoyable is use, in fact you might find time fly away once you get into, and since you do not have to sign in to use it you can give it a try, for that reason I invite you to check it out and tell me what you think.

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You can create your own cards and print them out to send.
You can create your own cards and print them out to send.
With FotoJet you can electrify your Facebook or YouTube banners.
With FotoJet you can electrify your Facebook or YouTube banners.

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