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Fotoshop Review

Updated on October 17, 2009

Unfortunately, this software seems to be unavailable for download (at least a download that actually works). There are several places where it is supposed to be available for a free trial, but that seems to be untrue. There’s not much to be said in terms of reviews as far as this product, which is further insight into the quality of this software. But this program also does boast a photo merger…is that like the online service that allows two people to merge their photos to find out what their potential children might look like? Or is it a matter of cutting out a portion of one photo and pasting it into another photo? Maybe it’s a digital double exposure – the same effect you would get with 35mm film after the trainee photo lab technician accidentally exposed your figure drawing model shots over the photos of your grandfather’s birthday party.

Another feature in Fotoshop is what is described as a ‘surprise pattern maker’. So, does this mean the pattern maker jumps out at you, grabs your artwork, and creates a random prototype out of it? That seems like it would be rather aggravating. Is it like a surprise party where the software just knows what you want and dazzles you with a pattern it made based on your thoughts? Could this part of Fotoshop actually be clairvoyant?

The pattern maker is also said to ‘create instant art’. Now, as we know, anything labeled as ‘instant’ usually means ‘this person is too lazy to make the real thing’; instant mashed potatoes for people who can’t crush real spuds in a pot, instant messaging for people too languid to use a phone or write a letter, and instant art for the creatively challenged. It brings an instant tear to my stomach lining.

A mere fifteen dollars is all you’d have to spend on this program, for the double exposures, the pattern surprises, and the instantaneous creativity rolled into shareware whose name is a very blatant rip-off of the high-quality, high-priced imaging software, Adobe Photoshop. This was not a coincidence – this was a marketing decision. Someone figured if the name of this crappy program sounded a lot like that of the amazing Adobe commodity, more people would buy it. I’m not sure how well that marketing strategy worked out, given the lack of availability of product reviews or download sites. But you don’t even necessarily need to purchase it…you get what would be a “Fotoshop gratis” trial before making that investment. I think I’d rather buy the software just so I could throw it out and comfort myself with the knowledge that there is one less copy of Fotoshop in the world.


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    • C. M. Britt profile image

      C. M. Britt 8 years ago

      Wow! I had no idea that something like this even existed. Thanks for the information.

    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 8 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! We all could use more and better photos.

    • ConradM profile image

      ConradM 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Never knew such a thing existed. I think I will just stick with the real deal, since I've learned so much already about how to use it.

    • Chad Damon profile image

      Chad Damon 8 years ago from USA

      I'll try to find it. I've been using photoshop, but it takes me forever to figure out how to do things.

    • sukhera143 profile image

      sukhera143 8 years ago from Home

      Yes it required a good experience for good work.

    • kelsorogers profile image

      kelsorogers 8 years ago

      The create instant art feature is a little less than impressive, but otherwise, you can't beat the price for basic photo manipulation. Good one - thanks.

    • Stuart Barnes profile image

      Stuart Barnes 8 years ago

      I have seen some really good work done with fotoshop but it seems to take a lot of time to really get good.

    • Dave Put profile image

      Dave Put 8 years ago

      15 dollars may not seem as much for such a software but remember, It's just a rip off of adobe. Might as well go for the real thing just like you say MaryRae!

      I've never heard of fotoshop gratis before, but now I will definitely not try it if I ever found the need to do so. Thanks for that!

    • cylh profile image

      cylh 8 years ago

      15 dollars is not much for a software the does a lot of useful things.

    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 8 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      Lol! I love the idea of merging two photos together to see what your children will look like, however a newborn baby with a long flowing blond hair and a grey moustache is bound to be a little unsettling at best.

      Speaking of babies, my baby creates instant art all the time. Whenever I try to feed her carrots for dinner, she sprays them all over the dining room floor, creating one of those instant patterns that you speak of.