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Free Barbie Crochet Patterns

Updated on October 21, 2013
These are free patterns available on
These are free patterns available on | Source

Ken and Barbie

To be honest, I can't remember how long ago since I received my first request to design a Barbie pattern. I had never crocheted for Barbie before, but not wanting to turn someone away, I decided to give it a shot.

At first I didn't think it would benefit me any, but was surprised at the positive response I got from my readers. That made me realize that Ken and Barbie are still very popular despite the fact that they've been around for so long. Who knows, maybe Ken and Barbie will never grow old.

In addition, crocheted clothes for Ken and Barbie are generally quick and easy to crochet up and make for perfect last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.

When I first began to design for Barbie I used a thread. I didn't think that you could use a worsted weight yarn because I thought it would be too bulky. And although I have not tried it with my 'regular' worsted, Red Heart Comfort, I have done a few patterns in a thinner worsted weight and was surprised at how well they turned out.

So with that said, I'd like to share a few Barbie crochet patterns:

Ken and Barbie Crochet Patterns

Barbie Baby Doll Top - My Recycled Bags - This Barbie top looks like it would work up quick and easy. And by looking at it, it looks like it would be easy to add additional rows and turn it into a Barbie dress. That's where you the crocheter are the artist and have the freedom to choose what you want to do.

Barbie Ballet Flats - Dezalyx - This pattern is designed by Dezalyx here on Hubpages. She has designed quite a few patterns for Barbie including beach-wear, accessories and some beautiful dresses.

Barbie Dress with Handbag - My Recycled Bags - Here is another dress, which flares out at the bottom. I think it's really cute. This pattern also comes with a matching handbag.

Barbie Gown - Abigail's Crochet World - This is an elegant dress or gown for Barbie. It fits snug at the top then goes into a beautiful flare at the bottom.

Barbie Simple Strapless Bodycon Dress - Dezalyx - This is a beautiful Barbie dress. It is nicely textured with some beautiful details at the top.

Bev's Barbie Doll Accessories - Bev's Country Cottage - Does Barbie get cold too? Who knows, but why not crochet her up some winter accessories just in case. This set comes with a hat and scarf as well as an afghan pattern.

Cape for Barbie - Donna's Crochet Designs - This pattern is for the cape only. However, the dress that you see pictured is also available at the site for free.

Mini or Long Barbie Dress - Rhelena - CrochetN'Crafts - This dress pattern can be crocheted up into a long gown or left in a mini dress. The choice is yours, and either way, it suits Barbie.

Sock Barbie Dress - Bigu Handmade - This is not only a clever idea, but it is probably the quickest dress you'll ever make for Barbie. The pattern basically shows how to take an old sock and turn it into a Barbie dress.

Star Trek Ken - Bev's Country Cottage - Star Trek was never my show to watch, but I do remember getting glimpses of the characters as I passed by the television set. And I must say, this pattern is done precisely the way I remembered the Star Trek outfits to look like.

Vest for Ken - Rhelena - CrochetN'Crafts - This is another pattern for Ken. The vest works up quick and easy and is done in a worsted weight yarn.

If you enjoyed these patterns you might also enjoy these Barbie Patterns.


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