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Free Cardinal Cross Stitch Paterns

Updated on December 30, 2013

As far a wild birds go Cardinals are immediate attention-grabbers when viewed in their natural habitat, and although they generally only possess the colors of red and black there are less common varities presenting yellow, grey and other colors but no two Cardinal specimens are exactly alike. Found in both North and South America, Cardinals can range in height from 4.5 inches to nearly 10 inches and weigh anywhere from as little as 11 grams to 85 grams subsisting on a diet consisting mainly of seeds found in the wild.

In terms of crafting what makes Cardinals excellent projects is that just about any shade of red can be used to personalize a specific creation, which truly results in a most unique presentation of the artist's perspective. Here is a small sampling of a few very pretty free Cardinal cross stitch patterns that offer an opportunity to create a work of art and experiment with color choices at the same time.

This pattern was made from an outstanding open domain image located at

The Cardinal Cross Stitch Pattern that awaits completion measures 6.4 inches in width by 7.7 inches in height - or 70 stitches by 85 stitches when applied to 11 count Aida Cloth.

This pattern was made from a pretty photo discovered at

The final pattern measures 6.4 inches wide by 4.8 inches high - or 70 stitches by 53 stitches on 11 count Aida Cloth.

This Cardinal cross stitch pattern is that of a lovely female, made from a photo found at

The pattern measures 6.4 inches wide by 5 inches high - or 70 stitches by 55 stitches when applied to 11 count Aida Cloth and utilizes 28 colors but is well worth the effort.

The Cardinal Song

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