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Free Craft Blog Templates, Backgrounds and Layouts

Updated on August 27, 2017

If you are an avid crafter like myself, you may want to consider starting a craft blog. Having a craft blog allows you the opportunity to share your art with those who will appreciate it most, exposes you to resources you didn't know were available, and gives you access to many social groups where you can meet other crafters like yourself.

Before you make your first blog post, it is important that you make your blog as eye-catching as possible, especially since you will have very little content displayed at first. Below is a list of websites offering free craft-themed blog templates to get you started.


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    • theflirtyknitter profile image

      Michele Kelsey 22 months ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

      Wow! Alissa! It seems we have a lot in common! I also have a craft blog on blogger ( that I'm just now getting going and I am a hubber who writes on knitting as well (although most of my articles are under my old screen name misslong123; I've rebranded myself). I was just surfing around on ways to improve my blog template and found this awesome hub!! It's like you wrote it just for me! Lol. And I never would have guessed I'd find it at home in HubPages! I've even previously downloaded and read the ebook you suggested! What a small world! This article will really help me with my craft blog on blogger and I see you have written more on the subject so I'm excited to become a follower and to read the other articles! Thank you for sharing your insight on this subject as this is such a small but highly demanded niche. I really needed this information as I'd like to improve my blog so that I will be more motivated to write on it. I think once I get more traffic, I'll be more likely to write! I look forward to reading more articles of yours like this so keep them coming! Thanks ~Michele Kelsey

    • profile image

      Nikki 23 months ago

      Thanks that was really useful. I am bookmarking your this page.!! Craftera

    • profile image

      Deepali 4 years ago

      Really your blog is very Thanks! it's very interesting and amazing post.

    • profile image

      Flower Vases 4 years ago

      really useful resources are shared.

    • profile image

      cyndy 5 years ago

      very helpful!

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      piyakhan 5 years ago

      your blog is more interesting and amazing. i really like it;

    • profile image

      Jassleo Anderson 5 years ago

      Really Crafts templates very interesting, You are right great topic,thanks for share post..

    • profile image

      agadka 6 years ago

      im am just starting card making thanks for that!

    • profile image

      michelle 6 years ago

      so good to know this page..thanks

    • snehal welde profile image

      snehal welde 7 years ago

      thanks that was really helpful . I am bookmarking this page.great hub.