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Free Crochet Ear Warmer and Headband Patterns

Updated on February 13, 2015

If you haven't tried an ear warmer pattern yet, you need to add it to your crochet list. These free patterns will get you started. Because they are so quick, they make great spur of the moment gifts. Don't forget to make some for yourself to keep your own ears toasty warm.

The headbands are handy for not only winter, but when it is windy in the warmer spring months. They will keep your hair in place instead of blowing all over. Use a stretchy cotton yarn and you can use them in the summer when you are sweaty too. Joggers love them.

You should crochet more than one and have one to match all your outfits. Since they need only a little time and little yarn to crochet, it is possible to crochet an entire stack and share with your family and friends too.

All Grown Up Ear Warmer Pattern
All Grown Up Ear Warmer Pattern | Source

All Grown Up Ear Warmer - This pattern is a little different then most, because the headband is a little wider than usual. It will keep not only your ears warm, but most of your head as well. A little trick I saw on another site is that you can use the wide ones like this for a cowl as well. Just pull it down below your neck.

The pattern includes two sizes that will fit pre-teens to adults. Also suggested is changing the colors and crocheting them for both men and boys also.

You'll need worsted or Aran weight yarn and an I hook to complete the project. The designer used Vanna's Choice yarn.

Crochet Catherine Headband
Crochet Catherine Headband | Source

Catherine Headband - This pattern was designed to fit young children all the way to ladies and young teens. Since it only uses a small amount of yarn, you can use scraps to crochet one to match all of your clothing. Crochet them for all of your favorite people too.

She used Sugar' n Cream to crochet this one. Just 50 yards of yarn was used and you could use regular worsted weight yarn also. You'll need a size H or 5.5 mm hook.

Cable Headband Warmer
Cable Headband Warmer | Source

Cable Head Band Warmer - My Hobby is Crochet offers this nice fitting headband that has elastic in the back. A step-by-step tutorial is included along with the pattern to help you.

The patterns was designed to fit an adult women, but the size can be changed by working less rows of cables. Red Heart Shimmer yarn was used to design the pattern. You'll also need a size 3.5 and 4.0 mm hook and one elastic band.

Classic Crochet Stretch Headband
Classic Crochet Stretch Headband | Source

Classic Stretch Headband - The headband can be crocheted with or without the rose, but the pattern for the rose is included. It will fit sizes 0-3 months all the way to a large adult. The free pattern is offered by the Crochet Patterns by Jennifer blog.

To crochet the headband, you'll need 2 ounces or less of worsted weight yarn. She likes to use crochet cotton to make hers. You'll also need a size J (6 mm) crochet hook, measuring tape, an elastic hair band and a tapestry needle. Photos are included to help with the pattern.

Dread Head Headband
Dread Head Headband | Source
Easy Breezy Crochet Headband
Easy Breezy Crochet Headband | Source

Dread Head Headband - The pattern is crocheted to be light and airy, so it can be worn during the summer months. She used a size K hook and worsted weight yarn. You need to first measure the head lengthwise and then just crochet an uneven number of stitches. After that follow her pattern.

She suggests embellishing with anything you'd like. Think creatively and use craft supplies that you already have. Buttons, bows, and flowers would work great. The headband is pretty with nothing at all. Like any headband, these are quick to make and use little yarn.

Easy Breezy Headband - This is another one that was designed for summer, since the stitch pattern is extra cool. I like the idea that you can use these as cowls also. If you use it as a cowl, she has an Easy Breezy Beanie pattern to match at the site.

If you measure the person's head, it can be made to fit anyone. She used Red Heart Soft Touch yarn and a size H (5.00 mm) hook. The project is suggested for a beginner and of course can be crocheted by other skill levels.

Headband Earwarmer
Headband Earwarmer | Source

Headband Earwarmer - I crocheted this one for my niece for Christmas and then added a rose, which you can find the pattern for on the site. Since it just uses a small amount of worsted weight yarn, you might be able to use some leftovers that you already have.

The pattern is extra easy, since it uses a rib stitch. A rib stitch is crocheted in the back loop only to create the rib. You'll need a 4.00 mm hook. Be sure to check how may stitches are needed to fit around your head, since I needed to cut down a few.

Crochet Headband with Flower
Crochet Headband with Flower | Source

Headband with Flower - This is an easy pattern and popular with young girls. They love the simple ones with roses and use them while participating in sporting events.

All you need is the knowledge to do a double crochet, a size G hook and some worsted weight yarn. The pattern is sized for an adult, but to create one for someone younger just subtract some rows until you get the measurement of their head. I did this on a pattern and just subtracted an inch for a ten year old.

Pretty Simple Crochet Headband
Pretty Simple Crochet Headband | Source

Pretty Simple Headband - Here is another pattern from CrochetN' Crafts that can be either worn as a headband or a cowl. Make two and wear them together! The pattern is just crocheted with half double crochet.

You'll need a small amount of Red Heart Soft Touch yarn. This is an ultra medium weight yarn. You'll also need a size H crochet hook.

Posies Headband
Posies Headband | Source

Posies Headband - This pattern is for baby and she also offers a matching baby dress and booties to go along with it. Anne Geddes baby yarn in three colors was used to complete the project. You'll need a size G hook and a small button.

The pattern is easy enough for a beginner to crochet. The pretty posies add a lot to the headband.

Crochet Turban Headband
Crochet Turban Headband | Source

Turban Headband - This headband looks like an easy beginner project. If you know how to double crochet, you should be able to make this one. The designer used Red Heart Cream yarn and a size I hook.

Moss Stitch Ear Warmer - easy to crochet.

Have you tried making a headband or ear warmer yet?

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    • profile image

      Jane Davis 2 months ago

      Anxious to try these patterns

    • Hooks and Needles profile image

      Hooks and Needles 10 months ago

      Cheryl, I am happy you could use it.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 10 months ago

      Thanks for the tutorial. You explained it great. Very clear instructions. Thanks

    • Hooks and Needles profile image

      Hooks and Needles 2 years ago

      phoenix2327, Cross stitch. LOL.

    • Hooks and Needles profile image

      Hooks and Needles 2 years ago

      billybuc, I taught my grandson to crochet too. He took right off and loved it. Once he was a teenager he wouldn't do it anymore. Thanks for looking at the hub.

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      @billybuc - Crochet? Really? I would have pegged your for a cross-stitcher myself. lol

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I don't know if it was on one of your articles or someone else's that I mentioned this, but I learned to crochet when I was eight years old....not great, mind you, but good enough to make pot holders and other little gifts for Christmas. I don't know why I'm sharing that with you other than to explain why a 66 yr old man found your article interesting. LOL

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the info. I could try transcribing the patterns, but I worry I might make mistakes and ruin the end product.

    • Hooks and Needles profile image

      Hooks and Needles 2 years ago

      phoenix2327, I should create a hub with the differences between British terms and American. There is little difference if you know the information, but I always have to look it up myself. Having it all in one place would be handy. I do know that your sc is our dc. Your dc is our tr etc. if that helps.

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very nice. I'll have to check my local craft store and see if I can find come patterns. I would use the ones you recommended but they made for American specs. UK specs are different. Good hub.

    • Hooks and Needles profile image

      Hooks and Needles 2 years ago

      Lorelei, The ear warmers are a perfect project to get into it again. They only take a couple of hours to complete. You can do them easily in an evening while you are watching TV. Thanks for viewing the hub.

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 2 years ago from Canada

      I used to both knit and crochet but not so much anymore other than a few personal household or gift items. I really do miss how relaxing it is though.