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Free Crochet Patterns, Suggestions, and Information on Edgings

Updated on October 19, 2015

Lace Edging

HANDMADE LACE by Zbieg2001  DESCRIPTIONHandmade lace against red satin background
HANDMADE LACE by Zbieg2001 DESCRIPTIONHandmade lace against red satin background | Source

Crochet Edgings

Many crochet items need an edging to give them that professional finish, otherwise It is important to find the right edging for each item, for example, for baby socks you need a tiny, very delicate edging, crochet lace is completely unsuitable for a chunky man’s Afghan, but is perfect for a more delicate item. Choosing the right edging for your project can make all the difference to whether it is an ok item or one that is memorable, fortunately, free patterns and tutorials abound on the internet.

One very useful and modern edging is crab stitch, sometimes called reverse single crochet (USA), reverse double crochet or backwards double crochet (UK). Crab stitch gives a very defined and tidy edging. It is very suitable for edging the ends of cardigan or jacket sleeves, giving a neat sleeve end, which is less prone to catching and which is more hard wearing in use. Edging with crab stitch also prevents edges from rolling. Crab stitch works wonderfully on a plain jacket for a little boy giving it definition and class, and just as beautifully on Afghans and lapghans. Indeed, one crochet addict used crab stitch to edge a sampler afghan, in the form of one large Granny Square, the result was stunning. US crocheters do crab stitch by single crocheting backwards. UK crocheters do so by doing double crochet backwards You crochet from right to left instead of left to right. It is a little awkward at first, but once you get the idea, it is very fast to do and gives a neat straight, non-curling edge, besides giving your crochet item a defined and finished look. There are several video tutorials on the web.

A couple of crochet directory web sites provide many edgings in one place allowing crocheters to browse through a good selection on a single site. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) has an edgings section with links to many different free crochet edgings. These range from the simple to the more intricate and crocheters can spend a happy hour, or two, looking at them all. Ravelry also has some interesting edgings. Make Your Own Crochet Trim –Oh So Easy looks beautiful and it would be very useful for many items. There are 200+ edgings on Ravelry with photographs, making it easy to search for the one that will make your project that bit more special.

Specialist and Lace edgings

Picot edging can be very versatile depending on how many chains you make before you slip stitch to your base stitch and the thickness of the yarn that you are using. Picot can make a very delicate and subtle edging for a doily, baby item, or a delicate woman’s top, or a more robust definite picot to edge an Afghan, winter cardigan or jacket.

Shell and scallop edgings are very popular and particularly suited to baby and other Afghans. There are many different shell and scallop edgings, which have many uses from Afghans and clothing to curtain trims and towel toppers and many other household items.

Lace edgings are beautiful. They can make special edgings for many different things. They range from the simple to the more extravagant. Check out the lacy filet, lattice fringe and lattice ruffle edgings at CPC. A deep lace edging can make a gorgeous finish to a Christening gown or a little girl's party dress.

Vintage linen edging (CPC) will give your pillows, handkerchiefs, Afghans, baby shawls, blankets and other items that heirloom feel.

There are some charming edgings, which would suit particular projects. Cast your eyes over the rosebud, apple blossom, rose, rosebud, hearts and flowers edgings (all at CPC), and so many more and you are sure to find one that suits your particular project perfectly.

Edgings are important. They give your crochet project that professional finish. They can lift a project to stellar heights or make it look like a family heirloom. Choosing the right edging for your project is a little easier using free patterns on the internet, however, there is so much choice that you may spend hours looking at all the beautiful crochet edgings available.


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