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Free Crochet Patterns for Making Your Own Gifts

Updated on September 10, 2018
Rhelena | Source

Crocheted Gifts

Crocheted gifts are one of the best ways to say that you care about someone. Not only are they something the recipient will use and/or treasure for a lifetime, but they are a way of telling that special someone they are worthy of your time. For no one would invest their precious time in creating something for someone they didn't truly care about.

The beauty of crocheting gifts for others is that you don't need to be an expert in crochet. There are many simple gifts that you can crochet, which can be just as much appreciated as any intricate design. Take dishcloths, for example. They are priceless! Not only do they do the job, but they also serve as a gentle scrubber, thus making your dish-washing go much faster.

Plus, they last a life-time compared to those you can purchase at the store. I have yet to wear out a crocheted dishcloth! They always end up as wash rags before they actually start to wear out.

I can only speak for myself, but I think it's almost safe to say that anyone who has used crocheted or knit dishcloths will never go back to store-bought ones.

Okay, enough about dishcloths, but you get the idea, right? As simple as they are, they make for wonderful gifts! And they don't have to be perfect in order to be appreciated.

The best part about giving handmade crocheted gifts is that they will always remind your loved ones of you. And what could be better than that? ;)

The following are some quick and easy crochet patterns for you to crochet as gifts.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Gifts

Adeline Fingerless Mitts from Crochet Dreamz - I love these. They look complicated, but they are so simple a beginner can make them. And I'm sure they'll be a hit with anyone on the list.

Angel Dishcloth from Amy at Crochet Jewel - This is a gorgeous angel dishcloth. I would say it's almost too pretty to use as a dishcloth - You could also use it as a doily or as an ornament.

Angel Ornament from Crochet Jewel - This is an adorable angel ornament that will be treasured for years to come. This could also serve as a bookmark for all the bookworms out there.

Apple Keychain from Mimi Alelis - How about a cute little apple keychain? This has got to be one of the most inexpensive, yet lovable gifts that you could make especially for the drivers on your list.

Bathroom Set from Patterns For Crochet - How about this bathroom set? It comes with a toilet roll cover, a mat and a small bowl to match.

Best Little Dishcloth from Crochet by Darleen Hopkins - The name says it all. Not only can you use this in the kitchen, but in the bath as well.

Bracelet Pattern from My Hobby is Crochet - Here is a quick bracelet for anyone who is a fan of jewelry. It is crocheted up in embroidery floss and has a nice stitch pattern to it.

Crochet Chunky Basket from My Merry Messy Life - This basket is crocheted using 2 strands of yarn to create a nice sturdy crocheted basket. Not only is this basket a neat gift, but it can also serve as a gift bag for your main gift.

Crochet Cotton Dishcloth from Patterns for Crochet - I love the stripes in these dishcloths! Make them in any color to match any kitchen.

Crochet Headband and Earwarmer from Lisa Auch - Here is a headband that can also serve as an earwarmer. Perfect for colder weather or anyone with long hair. This page actually has lots of free headband and earwarmer patterns - so be sure to check it out.

Rhelena | Source

Crochet Thread Dishcloth from Rhelena - Crochet this dishcloth up in either a size 3 thread or a worsted weight cotton. I like the thread because it's not quite a bulky as the worsted weight yarn, but the choice is yours.

If you need a quick last-minute gift simply crochet it up in a worsted weight.

And best of all, this dishcloth pattern is suitable for the crochet beginner.

Matching Hat and Cowl Set
Matching Hat and Cowl Set | Source
Doily Face Scrubbie
Doily Face Scrubbie | Source

Cross-Over Long DC Hat and Cowl from CrochetN'Crafts - Hats and cowls generally work up quick and easy and make for great Christmas or Birthday gifts. This is the link for a hat only, but the matching cowl is linked from the same page.

Crunchy Dishcloth from Petals to Picots - This is crocheted up in the crunch stitch, which creates one of the most beautiful textures on crocheted fabric. Perfect to accompany any kitchen or bath gift basket.

Doily Face Scrubbie from CrochetN'Crafts - This would go perfect with a bath or make-up set. The scrubbie is worked up in a size 3 thread and can serve as a facial scrubbie or make-up remover.

Easy Apple Coaster from Jenny and Teddy - Coasters always make for nice gifts. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but they'll add a nice touch to anyone's kitchen.

Mason Jar Cover from Cre8tion Crochet - Why not crochet up a neat little jar topper if giving gifts in a jar. Crochet it up in any color to match whatever is in the jar.

Rhelena | Source

Matching Scrubbie and Dishcloth Pattern from Rhelena - This is another set that is suitable for the beginner. Instructions are given for a dishcloth and a simple scrubbie. This is not only suitable for in the kitchen, but can also be used as a washcloth and face scrubbie or a makeup remover.

Men's Cabled Golf Cap from Moogly - This is a stylish cap for the man in your life - whether he golfs or not, I'm sure he'll enjoy wearing this.

Picot Cowl
Picot Cowl | Source
Round Hotpad and Coaster
Round Hotpad and Coaster | Source

Picot Cowl and Armwarmer Set from Rhelena at Cre8tion Crochet - This is a very simple, yet pretty cowl and armwarmer set. Make it in any color or with any yarn as it's easy to adjust in size. The set is crocheted with the picot stitch surrounded by a bit of lace.

Phone Arm Band from Knot Your Nana's Crochet - This arm band would be the perfect gift for those who enjoy their morning runs. It's not only useful, but I'm sure it'll also encourage them to continue on with their morning routine.

Round Hotpad and Coaster from Rhelena at The Crochet Lounge - This pattern is for a super simple hotpad and a matching coaster. This pattern was posted as a mystery crochet-along, and participants were encouraged to post their finished projects as well as how they used them. Keep scrolling down to see all the images. I was amazed to see how someone made an amigurumi ice cream cone and another made a bikini.

Use your own imagination to come up with your own unique pattern.

Rhelena | Source

Seed Stitch Purse from Rhelena - This is a nicely textured purse pattern. The stitch used is a the seed stitch, which in my opinion creates a lovely fabric especially for a purse. The seed stitch is made simply by working a double crochet into a single crochet and vice versa.

Wrap this up in a pretty gift box or pack it full with other gifts and tie a ribbon and a bow around it to make it look pretty. Or even better, wrap the packed purse up in box. :)

Single Crochet Beanie
Single Crochet Beanie | Source

Single Crochet Beanie from Rhelena at CrochetAddict - This is a very simple beanie pattern that you can crochet up for anyone on your list - men or women. With a smaller circumference, this hat could also be crocheted up for younger children.

Soft and Squishy from Stitch11 - This looks like a quick and easy scarf pattern for anyone on your list. Make it in any colors to suit anyone's style.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag from Suzies Stuff - How about something for the wine-lovers? This is crocheted in a worsted weight and looks like it works up quick and easy as well.

More Time-Consuming and Beautiful Gifts

Cimarron Snowflake Rug from Snowcatcher - If you love snowflakes, you will love this! It is crocheted up with Red Heart Super Saver and has a nice lacy look to it. Perfect for the bedroom, living room or even the front entrance.

Fruit Bowl from Free Vintage Crochet - This looks like it would take quite a bit of time to complete, but every effort will be worthwhile. It'll make for a great centerpiece on any kitchen table!

Home Sweet Home from Whit's Knits - This would make for an excellent house-warming gift. It's embroidered with "Home Sweet Home". But if you have a handy alphabet chart you could easily personalize it to say anything you wanted and for any occasion.

Personalized Wall Hanging from Red Heart - Personalized gifts are some of the most treasured gifts of all. They are unique and nothing says that you care like a personalized gift. This is crocheted in a size 3 crochet thread so be sure to start this in advance as it'll take a while to finish.

Semi Circle Pineapple Shawl from ABC Knitting Patterns - Who doesn't love pineapples? This shawl will look good on anyone. Just make it in their favorite color and they'll be sure to treasure it forever.

Summer Triangle Shawl from Anastacia Zittel - This is a beautiful shawl that can be worn on cooler summer evenings. Or, in the winter, you could bunch it up and wear it as a scarf or cowl.

Toddler Cardigan from My Hobby is Crochet - This cute little cardigan will be a huge hit for anyone who has a little girl. This is not that big of a project so you could probably crochet it up in a weekend or so.

Free Crochet Pattern Directory with Thumbnails
Free Crochet Pattern Directory with Thumbnails | Source
Free Indie Crochet Patterns
Free Indie Crochet Patterns | Source


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    • Rhelena profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the vote! :)

    • Vacation Trip profile image


      4 years ago from India

      Wow.. Great Crochet Patterns. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.

    • Rhelena profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      That's awesome! Keep trying and you'll master it - practice makes perfect. :)

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      I can barely crochet, but you make me want to keep trying. These are cool and I love homemade gifts. Maybe I'm going to have to take it up more for next year. I love the hat & cowl set.


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