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Free Crochet Patterns for One Skein Gifts

Updated on October 22, 2015

one skein Gifts

In these difficult economic times, everyone is looking for inexpensive gifts, whether for birthdays, Christmas or any other gift-giving occasion. When you crochet, it is easy to make inexpensive, and beautiful, gifts. There are many free patterns on the internet, which makes crochet gifts even more economical to make. Even one skein, or ball, can make beautiful gifts. It may be that you have odd skeins or balls of yarn leftover from other projects, and the gift will only cost your time in making it.

Many free crochet patterns only take a skein or ball of yarn. There is a wide selection of Amigurumi, the little Japanese figures of animals, dolls and other things, patterns on the internet. Amigurumi is not only for children, there are some excellent patterns for Adult gifts too, e.g. Animal Cushions, or a cow toaster cover. The large pattern Directories, e.g. Crochet Pattern Central, Craftster, and others, have numerous links to free amigurumi patterns. You may only need scraps or half a skein to make something innovative and interesting, when you crochet Amigurumi.

There are many other patterns for one-skein gifts on the internet. is a Knitting and crochet community, which has a huge crochet link directory, including many one-skein patterns. You do have to register with Ravelry, but membership gives access to free crochet patterns, that you will find nowhere else, and to a friendly crochet community.

More One Skein Patterns

Yarn manufacturers sites also have free one-skein crochet patterns. The Lion Brand site has several one-skein patterns, which would make acceptable gifts, including bath accessories and hat and scarf sets. At the Caron site, one 16 oz ball can even make a beautiful baby blanket. At the Red Heart Site, there are free patterns for a one-skein throw and a one-skein lap throw.

Crochet blogs are also often very useful, when searching out free crochet patterns on the internet. Craftiblog has a useful directory of free one skein links, helpfully arranged by yarn weight. The links here include links to free patterns for cozies, caddies, book covers, lace fingerless gloves, a shrug, amongst many others. Earth Whispers has some one-skein projects, including one for socks.

When looking for Christmas, or winter gifts, scarves and hats spring readily to mind. Tipnut’s page has free, excellent hat patterns, including hats for men, children and babies, as well as women. There are also patterns for Jamaican style Tams.

One-skein patterns are always popular. In these difficult economic times, when people still want to give a heartfelt gift, but cannot spend much money, one skein projects mean that people can make a beautiful gift with one skein or ball of yarn. Many crocheters have odd skeins of yarn leftover from previous projects. Using a free internet crochet pattern for your one skein gift means that you may only have to spend time making special gifts for your special people.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    thank-you for your kind comment fli8uk

  • fli8uk profile image

    fli8uk 5 years ago from Pakistan

    good hub share more patterns

  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thank-you stestifie for your kind comments and for voting my article up. I am glad you found my piece useful.

  • stestifie profile image

    Stephanie Pyper 6 years ago from Sin City

    I really liked your Hub! You are totally right, there are lots of great gifts that only need a little bit of yarn. I have made a few hubs on patterns for crocheting and hope you will check them out as well. I know I will be using many of these patterns for Christmas. Voted up and useful!