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Crochet Donna's Phone Cozy #2 Free Pattern

Updated on May 26, 2020
MoiraCrochets profile image

Moira has been crocheting since she was 14 years old. She loves experimenting with small crochet projects.

Table of Contents:

  • Required Skill
  • Measurements
  • Materials and Tools
  • Notes
  • Special Stitch
  • Abbreviation
  • Written Pattern
  • Chart Pattern
  • Blocking (Video)

Both my sister and her husband got Samsung Galaxy S3 phones recently. My sister, aside from requesting phone cozies for herself, also wanted another one for her husband.

Since I've been on a roll in creating textured stitch patterns, I am faced again with another challenge of creating a masculine stitch pattern for brother-in-law's phone cozy. I really want him to use the phone cozy not just when my sister is around.

Fresh from my bullion stitch video hub, I thought of using short bullion stitches to fashion the much desired macho textured pattern.

Oh come on, don't be scared of the bullion stitch.I made a hub How to Crochet Bullion Stitch. I promise, you'll be able to make a decent bullion after an hour of practice.

The bullion stitches bulge on the right side of the phone cozy. (I love that manly texture.)
The bullion stitches bulge on the right side of the phone cozy. (I love that manly texture.)
They're a little flatter on the wrong side so the phone will slide easily.
They're a little flatter on the wrong side so the phone will slide easily.

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Required Skill:

  • Working on both sides of the chain
  • Working in rounds
  • Sc
  • 4-wrap bullion stitch
  • Blocking (Video)


Length: 5.5 in

Width: 3 in

To be frank, I forgot to count the number of rounds and measure the gauge for this pattern. My sister was so eager to get if from me because they are leaving town.

Materials and Tools:

  • Mercerized crochet cotton
  • #7 (1.65mm) Steel hook

This phone cozy hugs snugly that a closure is not required.


Thinking that bullion stitches will be wider than an sc, I started with a foundation chain of 25. Well, I ended up short again, so I had no choice but to block (oh, how I hate blocking!).

With this consideration in mind, I should have began with a foundation chain of 27. However the pattern is written based on what I crocheted.

Special Stitch:

4-wrap bullion stitch

Y o 4x, insert hook, y o, draw through 6 loops on hook.

The bullion stitch used in this pattern is an incomplete bullion stitch because the height of the bullion is not secured with an elongated chain.

I thought it not necessary because the stitches around the bullion stitches are sc's and the point is to make the bullion protrude to fashion a textured crochet fabric.


  • Ch - chain
  • Sc - single crochet
  • 4bs - 4-wrap bullion stitch
  • Sl st - slip stitch

Written Pattern:

This pattern is what I crocheted. Consider modifying the foundation chain based on my NOTES.

Foundation Chain: Ch 25 (or any odd number of chains).

Round 1: Sc on the second ch from hook, 22 sc, 2sc on the remaining ch, (begin work on the other side of the chain) 23 sc, sl st to 1st sc of round, ch 1, TURN. Stitch count: 48 sc

Round 2: (Sc, 4bs) 24x, sl st to 1st sc of round, ch 1, TURN. Stitch count: 24 sc + 24 4bs = 48 sts

Round 3: 48 sc, sl st to 1st sc of round, ch 1, TURN.

Round 4: (4bs, sc) 24x, sl st to 1st sc of round, ch 1, TURN. Stitch count: 24 4bs + 24 sc = 48 sts

Round 5: 48 sc, sl st to 1st sc of round, ch 1, TURN.

Repeat Round 2-5 till desired length is reached.

Sl st the last round to achieve a finished look for the phone cozy. Break off and weave in ends.

The following chart pattern is NOT an actual representation of the written pattern.

It only serves as an illustration of the written pattern. However, it can also serve as a formula/recipe should you want to modify this pattern into something else.

Click thumbnail to view full-size


If you end up with a cozy that's short on width (like I did), don't worry. Blocking can solve that. Here's a helpful video on blocking.

© 2012 Moira Durano-Abesmo


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    • MoiraCrochets profile imageAUTHOR

      Moira Durano-Abesmo 

      7 years ago from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines

      That's the idea Patrice. I thought the bullion bumps provides padding for the phone.

      How do I create symbol charts in all different colors? I use PHOTOSHOP. There's so much I need to learn like drawing a "proper" arrow and animating my symbol charts. But I'll take it one day at a time. It's such a versatile software, I love it so much.

      Thanks for the great feedback!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really enjoy hearing about your creative process, Moira. What a cool way to incorporate bullion stitches into a phone cozy. I would guess that the bullion "bumps" provide some extra padding for the phone.

      One question; how do you create your symbol charts in all the different colors? Do you use some kind of software? They are really cool!

      Voted up, useful, interesting and shared!


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