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Free Online Cross Stitch Border Patterns

Updated on February 10, 2017
Beautiful example of a few borders.
Beautiful example of a few borders. | Source

Uses for a cross stitch border

A good pattern for a versatile cross stitch border is invaluable. The more you use it the more uses you find for it. A gift with an added little border, many of them are only a few stitches, gives the receiver a warm fuzzy feeling. To them it is touching that you spent that extra little bit of time to do this special thing for them. Besides a little extra stitching makes your project a one of a kind item. So no matter whether you are making a gift or adding to a home décor item or piece of clothing for yourself a border will add that extra something.So, what can you add a border to? Well, the simple answer is - just about anything. I'm going to give you a a more involved answer. I'm giving you a list of suggestions.

Borders will go beautifully on:

  • Baby items - burp pads, baby blankets, bib's, baby towels,they are great for embellishing baby clothing.
  • Bed linens are also an area to use borders effectively - blankets, sheets, and pillow cases.
  • Home Décor, there are hundreds of places to use a border here - In the kitchen you can decorate kitchen curtains, kitchen towel, pot holders, table runners, table clothes, cloth napkins, place mats, dish towels, even dish clothes. In the living room - curtains, pillows, table scarves, throws.
  • Clothing - Borders are great to add at the bottom edge of a shirt or blouse. They also look nice at the neckline of a blouse or plain tee shirt, not to mention the button placket of a blouse, or along the top edge of a pocket. A border is a wonderful cover up for a line that is left behind when you lengthen a hem on a pair of pants. A pair or jeans obtain a designer look when a small border is added to the top edge of the back pocket or running down the outside seams.
  • Crafting- a pretty little border stitched on a piece of aida cloth and attached to a pre-made mat for a photograph is a wonderful gift for someone special. Adding a border to a handmade stitched ornament with a special saying is also a great personalized gift. If you quilt, adding a small border to a few of the quilt squares will make the quilt uniquely yours. You can also add a border to the outside edge of the quilt.

Now that I have given you a few ideas I know you will come up with a ton more on your own. I searched the Internet to find a few websites that offer free border patterns. I will happily share them with you. I hope you like the as much as I do. Happy stitching.

Where to find free patterns online

This website has a great selection of borders and a variety of styles. They are especially good for home décor, embellishing clothing and crafting. There border selection is as follows: little hearts, double hearts, geometric S, 3 stitch up, 3 times 2 stitch up, two colors 4 by 4, little flower, block french knot, scallop french knot, and wide scallop. I found that the two border patterns that are made with french knots work up beautifully when using seed beads instead.

The borders on this website are the perfect size for embellishing baby items, blankets, bibs, towels, clothing. They are also a great selection for embellishing children and adult clothing, pillows, curtains, towels, bedding, and many more items. At first glance it appears that there are only four different border patterns available on this website. To my delight the four selections each have several different patterns included on each page. Each are different from the other, one cuter than the next. The selections are: floral, geometric and 2 mix pages. This website is worth a look.

I found 8 versatile borders on this website. They are a good variety that can be used for embellishing ornaments, frame matting, quilts, clothing, and home décor. The selections are: star stitch, daisy trellis, Halloween trio, brown and blue, solid heart, small oval, meandering path and small flower

On this website I found 5 separate sets of border patterns. Each set contained several patterns that are good to use on clothing, crafting and home décor. The selections are: 3 sets of miscellaneous patterns ( floral), 1 page of heart borders and 2 pages of geometric patterns.

When stitching a border adding tiny accessories can make it your own.
When stitching a border adding tiny accessories can make it your own. | Source
A close up look at cross stitch.
A close up look at cross stitch. | Source


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