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Free Doll Dress Crochet Pattern for Berenguer Baby 5 Inch or OOAK Clay Dolls

Updated on November 26, 2016
wordsmith2418 profile image

Full time Wife/Mom, Part time teacher, writer, hooker and picker. Love vintage items and crochet!!

I have been creating and selling doll dresses for years. When I first started crocheting doll dresses for small dolls, there were very few patterns to be purchased, let alone offered for free! Now there are tons of patterns to be purchased, but not as many free patterns for dolls eight inches and smaller. I hope to be able to list more patterns for doll dresses for odd sized dolls.

Please feel free to link back to my patterns in your doll groups, yahoo groups, blogs - the more the merrier! But please don't copy and paste my pattern. Use the pattern to make items to sell or for your own enjoyment.

Solid Wood Violet Dress

Materials Needed

Size #10 Cotton Crochet thread in 3 colors.
Size #6 U.S. Steel hook

Abbrev: ch=chain, single crochet =sc,
double crochet = dc,
hdc = half double crochet, st=stitch,

Beginning Neckline/Bodice

Chain 18

Row 1: Sc across (17 sc) Ch1.
Row 2: 2 sc in every stitch. (34 sc) Ch1.Row 3: Sc across (34 sc) ch1.
Row 4: Sc in next 6 sc, dc in next 5 sc, sc in next 12 sc, dc in next 5 sc, sc in next 6 sc.

You can see sleeve here, as well as ribbon row.
You can see sleeve here, as well as ribbon row.


Row 5: (Sleeve Row) Hdc in next 6 sts, ch3, skip 5 sts, hdc in next 12 sts, ch 3, skip 5 sts, hdc in next 6 sts. Chain 2.

Directions for Skirt

Row 6: 2 hdc in every stitch across.

Waistband or Ribbon Row: Ch 4, *skip 1 st, dc in next st, ch 1. Repeat to last stitch. Dc. Turn.

Skirt: Chain 3, *(2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in ch1 space. Repeat from * to last stitch. Dc in last stitch.
Repeat last row, until desired length. (I did 5 rows to make the gown. You could use less to make a short dress or top.)

Scallop (ch3, skip 1, slp st in next st) edge to finish. Sc evenly up back, to 3rd row of bodice. Slp st in end of 3rd row, Chain 4 (this will be the button hole.) Sc in first row of bodice. (Before fastening off make sure the button you plan to use fits well in the buttonhole just made. Fasten off.

Weave in ends. Sew button on opposite side from button hole.

Options: Adorn with tiny rosettes. One, two or three different color thread can be used.

Please do not distribute or sell this pattern. Feel free to use this pattern for personal use or to make items to sell. If selling items made from this pattern, I would appreciate if you would add my ebay seller id: davoncreations. Thanks and Happy Crocheting!

Variations On Basic Dress Pattern

More of My Doll Designs

© 2013 Veronica Lewis


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    • profile image

      Virginia 2 years ago

      Love the pattern but it turns out way too small with thread crochet 10. I want to make it but don't know what to do.

    • wordsmith2418 profile image

      Veronica Lewis 2 years ago from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

      Maybe you crochet tighter than I do. I've probably made about 200 of these and have been using this pattern since I wrote it about five years ago. You could try using a baby fingering yarn... When I use other people's patterns I always have to go down a hook size or to a thinner yarn or my items come out too big.

    • profile image

      Yen 19 months ago

      Hi! Thanks for this pattern, unfortunately I was stuck at Skirt: chain3 (2dc, 1ch, 2 dc) in ch 1 space.

    • wordsmith2418 profile image

      Veronica Lewis 19 months ago from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

      The previous row should have a chain between each dc. You will do 2dc, ch 1, 2dc in each chain from previous row.

    • profile image

      Gypsy 11 months ago

      Thank you for the wonderful pattern! I have bought about 40 Berenguer babies off ebay and am making clothes for them so they can be donated to toys for tots, and your pattern is so wonderfully adaptive I love it! So thank you again very much!

    • profile image

      Pam Jones 10 months ago

      I love your items

    • profile image

      Karen 7 months ago

      Do you make dresses for3 inch dolls, my grandma used to make these little dress and I would like to make some for my grandchildren.please help me out

    • wordsmith2418 profile image

      Veronica Lewis 6 months ago from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

      I used to but haven't in quite some time. If you use the five inch pattern, a size 12 steel hook and size 30 thread it will be around the size for a three inch doll. I will look around to see if I still have the pattern. I moved and am working full time so it might be a week or so.

    • profile image

      Ashley Rose Johnson 4 months ago

      hello, i rescued a Berenguer doll and i am having a lot of trouble finding correct outfits to fit this doll till i saw your pinterest page and i was wondering if you could help me find correct outfits and if you could help me with free patterns by postal Mail i made this doll a customized doll dress but i need shirts pants socks shoes diapers that actually fit this one! Help would be much appreciated. I really need to get this one outfits and yes i kept her!

    • wordsmith2418 profile image

      Veronica Lewis 4 months ago from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

      You would need to do searches on google which include the doll size in inches and make of the doll. If you are knitting or crocheting try other hubs or Ravelry. For shoes you will probably have to buy them. Everything would need to be done online. It's unlikely that anyone will mail you a pattern for free.

    • profile image

      Linda Taggart 4 days ago

      I would love to make the dress for a 5 inch Zapf doll but what is the equivalent yarn in the UK?

      I'm loving all of your beautiful creations.

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