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20 Free Easter Egg Crochet Patterns

Updated on March 20, 2018
amvabecreations profile image

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Free Easter Egg Crochet Patterns

Easter is almost here! It's time to fill up our baskets with some colorful woolly crochet eggs! Crochet them around a plastic egg and fill them up with candy and goodies for some very lucky recipient! Easter will be extra special this year with a bit of added crochet beauty!


Free Easter Egg Pattern

Let's start this Easter egg list with an actual egg pattern! It is very simple, suitable for beginners and works up quickly.

Sc - Single Crochet
Inc - Increase
Dec - Decrease

Round 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
Round 2: inc (12)
Round 3: Repeat (1 sc, 1 inc) (18)
Round 4: sc around (18)
Round 5: Repeat (2 sc, 1 inc) (24)
Round 6-9: sc around (24)
Round 10: Repeat (6 sc, 1 dec) (21)
Round 11: sc around (21)
Round 12: Repeat (5 sc, 1 dec) (18)
Round 13: Repeat (4 sc, 1 dec) (15)

Start stuffing!

Round 14: Repeat (3 sc, 1 dec) (12)
Round 15: Dec until you get the desired shape.

Close the remaining hole with a tapestry needle.
Fasten off and done!

Now let's take a look at some other inspiring designs!


1 - Little Kawaii Easter Eggs

So cute! So Kawaii! So Eggy! Look at their little faces and sweet smiles! These little Easter eggs work up very easily and quickly. The finished egg is approximately 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) tall. They are perfect for to add to your Easter decorations or to use in the cutest Easter egg hunt of all time!


2 - Easter Elegance

This crocheted Easter egg is simple yet elegant! I really like the idea of the ribbon with tiny flower decoration. The pattern is written in Dutch, but easy enough to follow using Google translate. The instructions for the tiny crochet flower are not included, but this easy pattern is pretty similar. This pattern is a great yarn ánd ribbon stash buster, so get those yarn scraps out and make some gorgeous eggs!


3 - Tulip Easter Egg

The designer used the tulip crochet stitch magnificently for her Easter egg pattern. As a Dutch person I can't resist those gorgeous tulips. I want them in every color! The eggs are colorful and still understated. She crocheted her eggs over a plastic base. You could also try wooden or styrofoam eggs. You may need to adjust the tightness of your crocheting to fit your chosen egg base.


4 - Embroidered Flower Egg

Embroidery is a timeless craft and it can give a project a graceful and elegant finish. These sweet embroidered Easter eggs are no exception. The delicate flowers are stitched in cheery colors, adding to the celebrations of the Easter season. You can copy the flowers shown in the photo above or create your own gorgeous designs. Need a little help? The video tutorial (including instructions for the embroidery) from the designer is added below.


5 - Decorative Easter Eggs

Striped, dotted, lines and multicolored: these decorative Easter eggs have it all! The instructions only include the basic pattern for the egg itself. It's really up to you to create your own decorations. No doubt the photo above will inspire you! My personal favorite is the polka dot design. The dots give such a cool 3d effect! The pattern is written in Dutch, but I'm sure Google Translate will help you out once again!


6 - Crocheted Flower Egg

So simple, modern and sleek! These eggs are perfect for an understated yet decorative look. The eggs themselves work up very quickly as do the little delicate flowers sewn on top. You can crochet the flowers or use silk or fabric blooms. Embellish them with little beads or other bling! Again, a plastic egg is used as the base. If you look carefully you can tell that the designer used the same color for the crocheted flower as for the plastic egg base.


7 - Apple-Cheeked Easter Egg

I love the little face on these colorful Easter eggs! The felt apple cheeks are so pinchable and the smile is darling. Easter will be a happy holiday some of these eggs in your home. Crocheted in soft pastel yarn, these eggs make a sweet alternative to candy for an Easter basket! The finished egg will stand about about 2.5 inches (5 centimeters) tall.


8 - Colorburst Easter Egg

So bright and colorful! These Easter eggs will cheer up your home and look spectacular in a decorative Easter basket. Or use them in an Easter egg hunt: they will not be difficult to find! The pattern is available as a download, after (free) registration to the Ravelry website. Pick your favorite colors and get crocheting!


9 - Fill-Me-Up Easter Egg

Just look at this! What a great idea! This crochet Easter egg can be filled with little candies, toys and other goodies. Or crochet an actual chicken: you could use this free pattern! The egg pattern is quite easy and works up quickly. It is a pattern from 1978 Woman’s Day Magazine. Essentially you make two halves and hinge them together into this supercute gift!


10 - Danish Easter Egg

I love sleek minimalistic lines. It's no wonder then that I often find myself perusing through Scandinavian crochet blogs to gape at the simplicity of some of their designs. This pattern for a Danish Easter egg with triangular design therefore hás to be included in this list! The pattern is in Danish and working with the two colors simultaneously requires a bit of skill, but hang in there and in no time your house will be filled with these gorgeous beauties!


11 - Different Styles Easter Egg

These lovely colorful Easter eggs were originally a Crochet-along project issued by a Dutch wool company. All the different patterns for the eggs you see in the photo above are included in the instructions on their website. So head over there, pick your favorite and get crocheting! I love that they included all the different styles! Even though the hot pink polka dot egg is by far the grooviest, my personal favorite is the pink cross-stitched one!


12 - Chevron Striped Easter Egg

I love chevron stripes and I love crocheting Easter eggs and hey presto: here's the ideal combination of the two! These chevron striped Easter eggs are minimalistic ánd playful at the same time. The pattern looks simple, but getting those chevrons in an egg shape requires a bit of skill and some solid pattern reading.


13 - Monstrous Easter Egg

This little monster Easter egg will certainly add some pazazz to your holiday decor! He's not just cute to look at, but his mouth actually can open to reveal the goodies hidden inside. The kids will love him as a toy ánd as a treasure trove. Can you imagine an Easter egg hunt with all little monster eggs? So cool! He will be the hit this Easter season!


14 - Colorful Mini Easter Eggs

They may be small, but these colorful mini Easter eggs pack quite a punch! Inspired by the famous Cadbury mini eggs the designer played with all sorts of colors to produce these little beauties. The pattern is easy and works up quickly. Let your creativity run wild and also start playing with colors and a little embroidery. You'll have a basketful by Easter!


15 - The Perfect Crocheted Easter Egg

These must be the perfect crocheted Easter eggs! Where a lot of patterns require some sort of base to keep them in the proper egg shape, these wonderful eggs do not. Crochet them in your favorite color, stuff them with your usual stuffing and you're done. Or continue with decorating using embroidery, ribbons, beads and other cool bling to make them even more perfect for your personal holiday decor.


16 - Bunny And Chick Easter Eggs

It's not really Easter without turning some eggs into cute little animals! These bunny and chick easter eggs uphold this tradition with abandon. I love the simplicity of the alterations: it really doesn't require much to create a cute little chicken egg! The patterns for all the different animals and the egg itself are included in the instructions. So add those beaks and ears and have yourself a wild Easter!


17 - Elegant Easter Egg

This Easter egg is beautifully embroidered with some simple flowers. The effect is stunning and elegant. In her blogpost the designer shares more of these awesome ideas. Among many other things she uses sequins in her egg decorating - need I say more? Head over there and get inspired to make your own fabulous eggs this Easter! The pattern is written in Spanish.


18 - Bunny Easter Egg

This little bunny egg is really too cute to not include it in this list. How cute would this little guy look among other crocheted eggs in your Easter basket? The design is minimalistic and sweet. I love the dual tone ears and the bunny's sweet little nose. The pattern is written in Spanish, but the shapes are simple and basic, so with Google translate the instructions will not be difficult to follow.


19 - Bunny And Food Eggs

I love these little bunny, strawberry and carrot Easter eggs! My personal favorite is definitely the strawberry, it looks good enough to eat! These amigurumi eggs are crocheted around plastic eggs. The designer indicates that the perfect eggs for this project are those from Target: the plastic is a little thicker and they are a great size. Again, hide some candy and little presents inside for the lucky recipients!


20 - Diorama Chocolate Easter Egg

This final Easter egg is just completely awesome. Not only is it the chocolatiest of this list, it also has some super-cute dioramic action going on. It is difficult to see on the photo above (head over to the website to find photos of different angles) but the egg has some gorgeous colorful embroidery on top. Imagine how cute this egg would look in your Easter decor! Exactly! Now get out that brown chocolate yarn and make Easter a little bit more beautiful this year!

Bonus Idea: Lace Covered Easter Egg

Bonus Idea: Egg & Mini Chick

Bonus Idea: Butterfly Easter Egg

© 2018 amvabecreations


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