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Free Funny Photo Effects

Updated on March 17, 2014

This time, I want to show you, how you can edit your photos or any pictures via free funny photo effect services. You can edit any of your photos with these free services and make it more attractive. After you edit your photos or pictures, you can use it for many purposes such as for your Facebook photo profile, MySpace, twitter, blog profile, etc. You can also give the result as a present to your friend or use it as a prank to fool your friends. This free funny photo editing services highlighted the enjoyment because we can make various funny photo or pictures for any purpose.

Free funny photo editing service allows you to implement your own creativity to improve your images and generate many fun and hilarious pictures. Since this is supposed to be hilarious and entertaining, try to make sure that the result will not become offensive especially if you want to show your funny photo to others. Make sure that you are selecting good themes or effects to make your pictures funny or hilarious. It is great if you have a purpose to entertain people and not satirize them.

There are varieties of funny photo services all over the internet where you can edit your photo easier, make your photo to be more attractive and fun and you don't need any skill like a pro or expert in using software such as Photoshop. Enhancing and editing photo to entertain you and your friend is awesome. Most of online free funny photo editing services are easy to use, mostly, all you have to do is upload your photo in the upload photo page, then your photo automatically will be processed and you only have to wait the result. Some of free funny photo services also provide advanced photo editing where you can edit your photo step by step or by using tools to make your photo to be more fantastic. So, below is some of best free funny photo services that I have found. You can use to edit your photo or any pictures to make it more funny or hilarious.

Funny Photo

At funny photo, you can edit your photo with more than free 500 templates that you can use and all of them are attractive and the result is worth. Besides you can save your result as jpg format, you can also save it as gif format where the picture can move (playing) depend on the effect you choose. You can select from various photo effect such as:

- photorealistic montages

- facephoto montages

- headwear

- human-to-animal montages

- stylized effects

- borders

- painting and drawing effects

- magazine covers

- flags

- celebrity collages

- and much more



Seenow offers various facephoto montages where you can replace any face from many photo montages with your close-up photo. Mostly the result will be funny and probably can make you laugh. Try showing it to your friends or posted in facebook or twitter so that other else can see the result from the photos you have edited. This can entertain everyone. Seenow offers several facephoto montage themes such as music, movie, sport, and magazine.



Loonapix offers many various funny photo effects and not to mention for free service photo editing. You can also save your result as jpg format or gif format depend on the effect you choose. Loonapix also provide several languages you can choose to make you easier to use the service. This free funny photo editing service offers four effects features which are general photo effects, photo frames, face effects and trim photos.


Photo Funny

Photo funny offers hundred free funny photo effects that you can use. There are quite a lot of features that offered by this free service including love cards, photo frames, birthday free cards, special photo effects, celebrities, photo montages for children, photo collages, online photo editing, animation gif creator, funny photo effects and much more. To use the service is easy; all you have to do is upload your photo to get the result you want. You can also add some text to make your photo be more attractive.



Photofacefun has many features that offer as free funny photo editing service. This service also provide several languages you can choose including English, Espanol, french, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesia and Russia. They have plenty cool photo effects that offer with several categories such as advertisement, art, car, celebrities, drawing, fashion, frames, gadgets, kids, love, money movies, and much more. Beside make some funny photos, you can also make some Facebook cover and avatar for your facebook profile.


There are other free photo effects services that can change your photo or pictures into vintage or retro photo. With these applications your photo will looks like a classic photo. Read more about it on Free Vintage and Retro Photo Effect


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