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Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Updated on November 7, 2013

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

Where has the summer gone? The weather is changing and leaves are starting to cover the ground as the cool wind is starting to pick up. Fall is definitely upon us and before we know it, the ground will be covered with snow.

The warm sun will be missed, that's for sure; however, there is still much to look forward to despite the weather change.

And Halloween is one of the holidays to look forward to. It's sometimes referred to as the day of the dead, but there is still much fun to be had, especially for those who love to dress up and receive sweet treats.

Personally, I don't celebrate Halloween anymore than I celebrate Christmas or Easter. But that doesn't mean I can't share some fun patterns for others to enjoy. It's all in how you celebrate and the meaning you apply to the holiday. To me it has no meaning - either good or bad.

We should all celebrate (or not celebrate) each day in any way that we choose to without being judged by anyone. The purpose we have in life is for me to be ME and for you to be YOU. Once we step out of our zone then we can no longer live life to our fullest.

With that said, here are some fun patterns to crochet up for the Halloween holiday or even just for dress-up. There's no rule that says when you can or cannot dress-up for a little fun. Crochet them for a rainy day and brighten up your children's world.


Baby's First Belly Dance Costume - Crochet Kitten - This is a super cute costume for your baby. At first glance it doesn't even look like a costume, so if you wanted to, I'm sure you could dress your baby up in it every day.

Bumblebee Hat and Tushie Cover - Repeat Crafter Me - Another cute, yet quick costume to crochet up. I think it would look super cute on a baby, but instructions are given for all sizes. So while your at it, why not make one for yourself too?

Child's Pirate Costume - Red Heart - I'd say this is the perfect costume for any young child. Not to cute and not too spooky either.

Crochet Beard - Crochet Jewel - How about a crochet beard to go with that costume? I'm thinking it might go good with the pirate costume above from Red Heart.

Crochet Mustache Pattern - Easy Makes Me Happy - Don't like the whole beard idea? How about just the mustache? I think it's a super cool idea, however, you might change your mind after wearing it as it might get itchy under your nose.

Crochet Pikachu Hat and Tail - Earning-My-Cape - This is perfect for all the Pikachu fans. It's a complete costume including the hat and tail. Enjoy!

Faerie Wings Tutorial - Jessie At Home - This is not a complete costume, but the tutorial shows how to make the wings.

Lady Bug with Shoulder Straps - DROPS Design - This is a clever idea. When I first saw this pattern I thought it was a backpack, but then saw that it is actually a stuffed ladybug costume.

Little Green Man Space Alien Mask - Debs Crochet - Here is a crocheted mask. It is in green, but for a super scary mask why not crochet it up in black?

Minion Goggles - Amiguruthi - These look like they're super quick to crochet up. Perfect for Halloween or for every-day playtime.

Superkid - Imagine - Forget about Superman ... because here come Superkid! Quick and easy and perfect for any young child or toddler.

Viking Helmet - Crochet Parfait - If I had to wear a costume on Halloween, this would be it. Scary, yet one could have so much fun with it. You have to see it, I'm almost certain you'll love it too!


Ghost Fridige/Motif - ChezCrochet - Stick this ghost on your fridge to keep an eye on things; or wear it as a pin. This is also perfect for adding a bit of scary to your hats, scarves and other wearables.

Halloween Coffee Buddies - Coats & Clark - This set includes Frankenstein, a friendly ghost and jack-o-lantern. Perfect for your morning cup of coffee or evening tea.

Halloween Ghost in Two Strands - DROPS Design - Hang this scary ghost ornament on your front porch to welcome your friends and family, or, to scare off any unwanted pests.

Mini Ghost Decoration - Nicki Trench - Canadian Living - This ghost amigurumi is the perfect addition to any Halloween centerpiece. Nicely designed pattern.

Plarn Ghost - Crochet is the Way - I can see this one hanging off the mirror in my car. You could also hang it on the front porch or in a window if you wanted to.


Headbands are perfect if you want to dress up, but don't want the whole costume. Wear them with your regular clothes or to compliment a costume.

Devil Horns - Headband - Vegancraftastic - Wear these horns by themselves as a teaser costume, or as part of a complete devil costume. Either way, they're pretty scary.

Kitten Ears - Nyan Pon's Knits and Crochet - Okay, these are almost too cute and adorable for Halloween, but who says Halloween has to be scary. I think they're cute and perfect for the day.

Magical Unicorn Headband - Nyan Pon's Knits and Crochet - Another cute headband which you can wear.

Trick or Treat Bags and Baskets

Basket for Halloween - Drops Design - This basket is perfect for trick-or-treating. It looks like it's big enough to hold quite a few candies and other treats.

Halloween Candy Basket - Donna's Crochet Designs - I love the tiny bats flying around and other details on this basket! It's the perfect trick or treat basket for this spooky evening.

Dainty Pumpkin Container - Jennifer Down Under - This is a super cute pumpkin container for taking out while trick-or-treating. Or, use it to store your candy for handing out. Either way it is sure to be a hit.

Orange Plarn Trick or Treat Bag - My Recycled Bags - This trick or treat bag does not have to cost you anything to make! All you need is some orange plastic bags to make plarn, also known as plastic yarn. Don't ask me where you can get them, but if there are stores handing them out when you shop then all you need is a little time and this treat bag is yours. (I'm thinking you can buy orange garbage bags, but not sure at the moment.)

Pumpkin Bag - Red Heart - Here's a happy pumpkin bag. Super cute and looks like a fairly nice size to take out for the night.

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag - Petals to Picots - Love the design and textured spirals on this bag! Not only is this bag perfect for Halloween, but you could also use it for Thanksgiving.

Trick or Treat Bag - WonkyWonderful - This is another beauty that can be used for either Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Witch Hats

Miniature Witch's Hat - Bitter Sweet - Here is a miniature witches hat. Use it as decor or dress your dolls up in it.

Newborn Witches Hat - Stitch11 - This is for the all the 'baby' witches out there. It'll be oh so cute on your little one, and I'm sure you'll she'll be the center of least for a little while.

Wicked Wizard Witches Hat - Stitch11 - Here is another cute one for your toddler that will grab everyone's attention.


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