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Tips on How to Become a Better Magician / Performer

Updated on September 19, 2009

Improve Your Magic Now!

Make Your Magic More Natural

Making your magic more natural.

You may see some magicians perform magic tricks, or they might just be family and friends. They might actually perform a really great trick. However, the trick will just not feel that great for the audience.

Making you magic better is easy! Just be NATURAL. The easiest way to become a better magician is to look comfortable.

Consider these scenarios.

Magician 1 : Performs a trick with a very good effect, but he looks uncomfortable and un-natural.

Magician 2 : Performs a trick but with great confidence and his actions are very smooth and natural. Yet, his effect was not as amazing as the first.

In my opinion Magician 2 will get the best applause and will also be the one who is remembered by the audience.

Ok, so here is my tips for becoming a better magician. Follow these steps and your magic will improve 10 times!

  1. Become a more natural magician - If you were to vanish a coin, a card, or any small object, make sure that the action you take to make it dissapear is a natural one. Meaning, the action you take is an every day movement. For example, putting a coin in the other hand.
  2. Relax - There is nothing more off putting to an audience than a nervous magician. A nervous magician means an uncomfortable audience. An uncomfortable audience leads to bad reactions.
  3. Involve the audience - This may not always be possible if you are using Gimmicked props (I never use gimmicked props). Let the audience examine the objects you are using, or even borrow their own! This leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Small light patter - Do not go over the top on patter! This is a mistake that many magicians make. Use small but catchy patter. Example "Have you ever seen these coins before (showing an unusual coin to the audience) let them examine it. "Ye they are kinda weird aren't they?" Then do your trick while their eyes are on the object.
  5. Have fun - The best thing you can do is have fun. If you are having fun, most of the time the audience is also.

So, try these tips out for yourself. They are simple to apply but will improve your magic indefinitely. Let me know what you think, more advice and tips coming shortly. - This is my personal website dedicated to the retention vanish, take a look and leave some feed back.

Richard Macarthy.


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