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Free Scroll Saw Patterns - Mini Clocks

Updated on January 29, 2013
"Cowboy Boots"  Scroll Saw Pattern is Part of this12 Free Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Pattern Collection!
"Cowboy Boots" Scroll Saw Pattern is Part of this12 Free Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Pattern Collection!

Welcome to my second hub in my "Free Scroll Saw Patterns" series. When you are done here, please be sure to check out my first hub in the series for some great free Christmas Ornament Scroll Saw Patterns. Mini-clocks were some of the very first beginner woodworking projects I attempted to tackle with my scroll saw over 10 years ago. Believe it or not, they are still some of my favorite scroll patterns to design and cut. They can range from very simple to ornate and extravagant, and they make excellent gift ideas for both men and women. Who wouldn’t love a nice decorative scroll saw mini-clock for their mantle or desk?

The great thing about mini-clocks is the ability to match a design to a person’s interest or hobby. In this collection of free scroll saw mini-clock patterns, I have designed a variety of themes from golf to cowboys and everything in between. Each woodworking scroll saw pattern is designed to accept a 1 7/16” clock insert that can be purchased at nearly any local hobby or craft shop. I hope you enjoy this collection of free scroll saw mini-clock patterns and I plan to continue adding new designs often.

Required Woodworking Supplies

  • Scroll Saw with assorted blades
  • Drill Press
  • 1 7/16” Forstner Bit
  • Small Bits for Interior Cuts
  • ½” to 1” Thick Wood Blanks of Choice
  • Acrylic Paint or Stains of Choice
  • Sandpaper - Assorted Grits
  • Clear Adhesive

How to Cut Your Free Scroll Saw Patterns

Simply print out the PDF scroll saw pattern of choice on your computer and cut away the excess paper from the pattern edges. Apply the pattern to the wood with either a spray adhesive or clear packaging tape. Use a small drill bit in your drill press to place pilot holes in the interior cut sections of the pattern. Use the 1 7/16” Forstner bit to drill out the hole for the clock insert. Try not to drill all the way through the wood with the Forstner bit. Leave at least 1/8” of wood in the back of the clock insert mounting hole. Go ahead and make all inside cuts with the scroll saw first, then work your way to the perimeter cut. Once the mini-clock has been cut out, begin sanding by using coarser grits of sandpaper and working your way down to finer grits until you have a smooth surface and no “fuzzies”. Finally, apply acrylic paint or colored stain of choice to the wood at let it dry completely. If desired, you can also put a finish on the piece for a nice glossy appearance. I have found that Krylon Clear Gloss is an inexpensive way to achieve a beautiful gloss finish on my scroll saw projects. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best results for you.

12 Free Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Pattern Designs

This collection of free scroll saw mini-clock patterns contains 12 of my original and unique designs that are perfect for gift-giving or personal décor. These patterns are excellent for beginners, and just as much fun to cut for the pros. Scroll saw mini-clocks are quick and easy craft ideas that can bring in a great income at bazaars and craft shows. It is also much cheaper to buy the clock inserts in bulk which allows you to make more profit per sale. Whether you are just making them for your own pleasure or planning to sell your finished creations, these scroll saw mini-clock patterns are sure to bring hours of enjoyment to any scroll saw enthusiast.

"19th Hole" Free Scroll Saw Mini Clock Pattern
"19th Hole" Free Scroll Saw Mini Clock Pattern

The “19th Hole” is a great scroll saw mini-clock pattern for the avid golfer in your life. Cutting the letters can really help beginners hone their precision skills and move on to more complex woodworking designs. Soccer players are sure to love the cool soccer mini-clock and it would look awesome on a mantle or trophy case. For a little twist, you could even insert a cameo insert with the picture of your favorite player instead of a clock.

"Singing Bird" Free Scroll saw Mini-Clock Pattern"
"Singing Bird" Free Scroll saw Mini-Clock Pattern"

There are several nature inspired themes included such as the cute “Squirrels” mini-clock and the “Singing Bird” design. These are whimsical designs that go great in any setting. Two of my personal favorite designs are the “Fleur De Lis” and the “Cowboy Boots”. Both of these designs contain a lot of detail and will provide a great challenge, but the results will be worth the effort. Other patterns include "The Doggy Bone", "Floral" and the "Patriotic" mini-clocks which will provide hours of cutting enjoyment.

"The Jouster" Free Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Pattern
"The Jouster" Free Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Pattern

The “Jouster” and the “Gone Sailing” scroll saw mini-clock patterns are also extremely fun to cut and will bring lots of attention. Medieval and nautical themes have long been popular among scroll saw artists and woodworkers and these pattern designs follow in that great tradition. Also included is the "Island" mini-clock which is a simple design with a very nautical and South Pacific feel.

How to Make Your Own Scroll Saw Mini-Clock Patterns

The Wrap-Up!

Again, I hope you enjoy cutting these free scroll saw patterns as much as I have enjoyed designing them. If you like these patterns then check out my hub Free Scroll Saw Patterns - Christmas Ornaments for more free patterns! All of my patterns are in high resolution PDF format and can be printed on standard letter size paper. The patterns can also be re-sized with any standard inkjet or laser printer. I plan on designing more patterns, so be sure to check back often and see what’s new. Have fun and keep making sawdust!


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    • scrollsawhobby profile image

      Jim 3 years ago from Campbell, CA

      love the pattern for the clock! Very... western :D

      Where do you generally get them? Ever try your hand at designing your own?

      Thanks for all the free resources!!