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Free Sewing Patterns for Aprons

Updated on October 23, 2017
Smock Apron Pattern
Smock Apron Pattern | Source

Aprons are good projects for the beginning sewer. When I belonged to 4-H, this is one of the first projects we learned to make after the simple ones, like tea towels and bean bags. Here you'll find a long list of free sewing patterns for aprons from all over the web. I am amazed by how many free patterns that can be found.

Just click on the titles and it will take you to the sites with the patterns and photos.

Apron in an Hour - Even though you can whip this apron up quickly, it is still quite pretty. Photos are offered to help you through the project. It is offered by "Stop Staring and Start Sewing."

Apron with Secret Comfort Ruffles - This apron with secret ruffles is from the "Always Expect More" site. It has a big pocket to use, has ruffles in the ties for more comfort when sitting down, and is two sided. This is a half apron that fits at the waist.

Bandanna Apron - This has to be the easiest apron ever. It is sewed with a kerchief bandanna. In fact the apron is so simple that it only takes one paragraph for the instructions. It is offered by "Martha Stewart."

Butcher Apron - You'll like this apron by "Ethernet", since it is what the professionals wear. You will need heavy weight cotton to construct the apron that has a strap around the neck and ties around the waist. This is the type of apron I wore when I worked as a cook.

You'll need to enlarge the illustrated pattern. It guides you step-by-step with illustrations to guide you all the way.

Clean Sweep Apron - The pattern has pockets for all of the cleaning supplies you'll need. This should cut down on some of the time doing housework, because it will keep you organized. The apron pattern is offered by "Organized Home."

Country Cottage Apron Pattern - This is a pretty apron with a ruffle at the bottom and a bow in the front. It is half apron with a pocket. The tutorial has step-by-step photos to help you complete the project. It is brought to you by "A Feathered Nest."

Crafty Tool Belt - A tool belt for the ladies is offered here with pockets for your craft supplies. The tutorial offers photos to help you each step of the way.

Cute Apron from Leftover Fabric - The full-sized apron is offered by "D├ęcor to Adore." The patron has a tie around the neck, a tie around the waist and a ruffle on the bottom. Step-by-step photos are also included.

Full Apron - As the name implies this is a full sized apron with a monogrammed pocket. It has ties around the neck, a pocket and a ruffle on the bottom.

Hand Towel Apron Pattern - This apron pattern is featured at "A Little of This and a Little of That" blog. A double ruffle of fabric is added to the apron that covers from the waist down.

How to Sew an Apron Video - Watch the video from "The Wonder How" site and create your own apron. This is a super simple apron with ties for the neck and waist.

Krista Apron - This is an extra pretty apron from the site "Think Liz." It is full length with a waistband and a ruffle on the bottom. The apron has a pocket too. You'll need to download the pdf version of the pattern.

Lined Apron - At the "Lululollylegs" blog is offered both the instructions and step-by-step photos to make this lined apron. The finished apron has ties at the waist and the waist band is applied over a ruffled bottom. The instructions are found at the top of the page and if you need the photos, they are at the bottom of the page.

Men's Apron Tutorial - The apron is also called "Happy Birthday Bradley." You'll be taken step-by-step with photos including instructions on how to make aprons for the men in your life. The free pattern is offered by "Needle Book."

My Jeans Apron - What better way to use up an old pair of jeans? The site "My Byrd House" offers this free pattern that uses the leg of an old pair of jeans. Step-by-step photos will show you how to sew it.

One Yard Apron - The apron is ruffled at the top and ties at the back. It is a waist down apron. The pattern is offered for free by "About."

Pillowcase Apron - Use a pillowcase that is no longer being used and create an apron. The apron features two pockets. The tutorial has photos to help you. It is offered by "Whoopsie Daisy Days."

Place Mat Apron - I think I've seen almost everything created out of placemats now. The site gives you a tutorial complete with photos. The apron is offered by "Tea Rose Home."

Find the free pattern at

Repurposed Apron - From the "My Birdhouse Blog" is offered a pretty apron that is sewed from a used skirt. You can purchase the skirt from a thrift store and use that. You'll also need fabric for the straps.

Retro Apron - This apron is offered by "Crafty Gal." The apron has a strap around the neck, has a pleated waistline and a pocket. It takes 2 yards of cotton or cotton blend fabric.

Ruffly Apron - The apron has full-sized pattern pieces for you to print. It is ruffled at the waist and is a half apron and is extra pretty because it has a ruffle all the way around the bottom. It is brought to you by "Sew Loli."

Smock Apron - This free apron pattern is offer by the "Just Dottie Blog." It fits from around the neck to just above the knees. Included is a traceable pattern that you will need to enlarge.

Suzy Homemaker Apron - The pattern has ties around the neck and waist. Provided is a sketch of the apron. Embroidered on the apron are the words "Suzy Homemaker," hence the name. The free pattern is offered by "Craftster."

Valentine Apron - Offered by the blog "One More Moore," this pretty apron has one ruffle after another. The ruffles are sewed to a back piece. You'll need to scroll to the bottom to find the photos and instructions.

Vintage Handkerchief Apron - The prettier the handkerchiefs you have, the prettier the finished project will be. The hankies are used for pockets. Also suggested is purchasing a finished apron and adding the handkerchiefs. The instructions are offered by Craft Bits.


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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 4 years ago from USA

      DemiT, I need an apron right now. I should get busy and sew one myself today. I'm happy to hear that the links inspired you.

    • DemiT profile image

      DemiT 4 years ago from Greece

      Wow..I am surprised how many ideas there are out there and your hub is an example of that. Thanks for getting my creativity flowing...:)

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      carol7777, I thought about to the same thing for Christmas, because they only take a yard of fabric and are quick. Thanks for commenting.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I don't sew much anymore, but thought these would be fun gifts for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      teaches, Thanks for viewing. I use to have the aprons from a place I used to work. I loved though, but we moved and I never found them back. I need to use one of these patterns myself or create my own. Thanks for commenting.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I have a few aprons that mean much to me and I use them when company comes. My sister made my hubby a great chef's apron with pockets that is really used well. Great share on this topic.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      vox vocis, thanks for viewing the hub and commenting.

    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 5 years ago

      This is cool, great info for sewing beginners! I love the patterns :)

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      Ann, I found even more, but after 30 of them, I had enough of searching for them. Thanks for viewing and voting up.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 5 years ago from Orange, Texas

      My, I didn't realize there were so many different kinds of aprons! Well done. Voted up.