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Free Snowman Projects and Patterns Online

Updated on June 24, 2015
Knitted snowman ornament
Knitted snowman ornament | Source

Fill Your Home With Snowmen

Nothing says winter more than a snowman. Pictures of a snowman , for many people, bring back childhood memories of going outside so bundled up by mom that you can hardly move. Building a snowman and his family with friends and throwing the occasional snowball. Well, OK, more than the occasional snowball. Just when you got so frosty cold your fingers and toes were numb, mom would call you in for hot chocolate and cookies.

So, what better choice than the snowman for your Christmas holiday theme. There are so many different ways you can decorate and display them. What better way to make it all the more personal than to make your own snowmen. You don't have to be a craft expert, there are adorable patterns and projects out there that are made for beginners level.There are many, many projects out there to make your snowman projectsyour own. Even better many of them are free. So, where do you find those free projects? That's where I come in. I have listed my favorite sites for you along with a lot of the project names they offer. .

I am sure there are many more that I have not mentioned that are just as nice as the ones I memtioned. These are the ones I have used and found to have a great selection for the projects I look for and make. If I didn't mention one that you have used and feel is great please let me know. I am always open to new sites.

Adorable snowman
Adorable snowman | Source

Free Snowman Patterns and Projects Online

  • ~This website is a great one for those of you who like to paint. It offers some really cute patterns of snawmen painted on wood along with sewing crafts. Some of the projects they have available are: snowman chunky, snowflake 5 cents, we grow in snow, snowball, wet mittens, sidney snowman, snow buddies, jolly corner snowman, Mr and Mrs Snowhappy, welcome friends and flakes and happy holidays snowman. These projects are aimed at crafters with some experience in painting and sewing.
  • ~ On this website you will find many crafts made out of recycled materials. Some of the projects they offer are: recycled CD snowman, baby food jar snowman, bread board snowman, coffee creamer snowman, coffee jar snowman, cotton ball snowman, Mr and Mrs Mitten snowman, sock snowman, washcloth snowman, clothes peg snowman, paper plate snowman, glitter snowman bulb, snowman fence, ice cream stick snowman, paint stick snowman, paint stirrer snowman, and winter wonderland craft stick snowman. These projects are easy to do and kid friendly. They are great to do with your children.
  • ~ A great site to visit not only to get free projects but also to get ideas. There are craft projects along with a few cooking projects. Some of the projects available are: bottle and sock snowman craft, button snowman, claypot snowpeople, crisp rice snowman, frosty the snowman, glass ball snowman, light bulb snowman, light-up snowman, candy snowman and igloo, marshmallow snowman, melting snowman, paper towel roll snowman, pin the nose on the snowman game, pine cone snow people, pop bottle snow people, puzzle piece snowman ornament, recycled snowman, snowman (using safety pins), snowman bookmark, snowman candle holder, snowman candy jar, snowman cookies, snowman face (using old pot lid), snowman magnet, snowman poop, snowman sun catchers, Texas snowman, and adorable snow people. A lot of these crafts are made with recycled materials and are easy to make. They are great projects to do with your children.
  • ~This website has a great selection of free snowman projects using a mix of crafting levels. Some of the projects are: cute wine cork snowman project, pom pom snowman, snowman gift jars, watercolor snowman ornaments, Clyde snowman, fluffy the snowman, vintage snowman ornaments, beanie snowman, snowman paper piercing pattern, Frosty the Snowman pin, snowman snowflake, wooden snowman bunch, paper mache snowgal, snowman Christmas card display clips, glistening snowman swag, snowman picture frame, and felted snowman pin.
  • ~ This site has their snowman crafts divided into sections or types. They use a variety of crafting techniques and levels. To decorate with: snowman wreath, snowman luminaries, snowman pillow, snowman lampshade, snowman CD ornament, snow-face magnets, and paper mache snowman. To wear: Winter Wonderlandcharm bracelet, snowman jackets, and snow-mat hat. Kid Friendly: snowman mug, craft spoon snowman, snowman bottle craft, snowman paddle ball game, and friendly sock snowman.
  • ~ (not to be confused with ) I included this site because of the adorable snowman craft project and the wonderful directions. There is one project on this site but it is beautifully presented and the directions are clear and concise. The name of the project is Snowman Wobbler and it is adorable.

Snowman cookie ornaments
Snowman cookie ornaments | Source

Snowman Poem

Once there was a snowman

Stood outside the door

Thought he'd like to come inside

And run around the floor;

Thought he'd like to warm himself

By the firelight red;

Thought he'd like to climb up

On that big white bed.

So he called the North Wind,

"Help me now I pray.

I'm completely frozen,

Standing here all day."

So the North Wind came along

And blew him in the door,

And now there's nothing left of him

But a puddle on the floor!

~Unknown Author~


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