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Free Betsy Ross U.S. Flag Cross Stitch Pattern

Updated on November 22, 2013

The Union Flag or the "Betsy Ross" flag was adopted by the U.S. Government as the official flag in June of 1777, with each of the 13 stars representing one of the original American Colonies. So with an equal amount of historical interest and patriotic pride the personal decision to create this cross stitch pattern was made without hesitation.

This is a very easy and quick pattern to make measuring 5 inches by 3 1/8 inches when finished, or 70 stitches by 44 stitches when applied to 14 count Aida Cloth. The pattern only uses three colors so a stitcher doesn't have to spend a ton of money purchasing 70 different threads and the colors are pretty popular so finding them in just about any location won't be difficult at all. This is also an outstanding project for those new to cross stitching to get some good experience on project that they can be proud of.

Perhaps the best aspect of making this pattern is that it can be used in so many different ways - as an applique, as part of a larger project or as wall art in a small frame.

The picture of a 13 star U.S. Flag
The picture of a 13 star U.S. Flag
The Cross Stitch Pattern
The Cross Stitch Pattern


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