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French Curve Drawing Templates

Updated on December 2, 2010

French Curve Drawing Templates

French curves when first explained to me back at school I thought the art teacher was mad, going on about the french being too curvy from eating all that cheese, but alas no, French curves are drawing templates which help the artist draw curves in many different ways and they come in a range of small and large curves, usually in packs of 3 or more with varying size templates for creating curves in just about anything that has a curved line to it.

I never thought that these templates would be so useful but they are and they can be used for creating difficult and complex curved designs in a range of different art like logos and tattoo work as well as comic book artwork which may require some solid curves. I bought my 3 piece french curve set years ago and still use them today, although I do have a shape-able curved ruler too which is great for coming up with singular curves to use as a guide.

Using these curved templates combined with other stencil templates can help you achieve some creative designs if you put your mind to it. Elliptical plastic stencils are a good stencil to use with these french curve templates and you should practice creating designs with lots of different stencils as you can create some unique designs with multiple variations of artists stencils.

Curved swords, alien spaceships, hairstyles....The only limit is your imagination what you can draw and create with french curve templates.

French Curve Artists Templates

French Curve Template

French curve templates for drawing.
French curve templates for drawing. | Source

French Curve Templates

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