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French Nude Photographer

Updated on January 17, 2015

Sample of Jean-Pierre Potez's Sensual Photos

From his Portrait Collection
From his Portrait Collection | Source

Jean-Pierre With Camera In Hand

Facebook Image
Facebook Image | Source

Photographer Jean-Pierre Potez

Jean Pierre Potez's cult like following of people like myself, cannot seem to get enough of this artist's erotic style, which he has singlehandedly honed into a real artform. His craft's genre is women and nudity, using a monochrome black and white medium. Native of Paris, France a Jean-Pierre gallery showing will always draw in a large crowd of American and European pleasure seekers, young and old alike. He clearly is one of the best photographers to ever stand behind a camera. That is why it is quite easy for me to list, Jean-Pierre Potez as one of my all time favorite erotic/nude photographers. And..., my all time favorite in the field of black and white photography.

It is very hard to describe Jean-Pierre's keen eye for erotic beauty. When describing a man with as much natural talent as he has, it is hard to master the words to pen, which actually gives my readers the full scope of deserving praise, one of his images deserves to be given. If you are only interested in animal photography, sports photography, or landscapes, let me just say then what praise I do give to him, is probably overrated. However, if black and white still photography is your artistic passion, well, there is not enough praise to give him. With that said, one can only give him the ultimate praise, and proclaim his black and white nude photos a true art form. His monochrome technique is an inspirational craft, which he is a true Master.

Because he is the one true master, in this particular category and genre, what I admire most is how he is able to capture the woman's essence. Jean-Pierre is able to find the female uniqueness and showcase her sensual arousal, without the shot being forced, strained, overworked, and photoshopped. It is quite obvious that he takes his time, and with the use of his wrist he uses his keen eye to slowly revolve around each and every angle, just to capture the picture perfect image.

His skill level as a photographer, can be best noticed by how he maintains his best artistic representation by capturing the very best of each of his models. Another aspect about his photography that many do not realize is that many of his nude models, are reached via classified ads. A large portion of the women he shoots are not professional models but rather they are often single mothers, students of the craft, or aspiring models..., pulled out into the open through print ads. I think that is amazing!

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  • Randy Behavior profile image

    Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

    I am appreciative of the imperfections. More often than not the things that make a photo "real" are airbrushed away.

  • RKHenry profile image

    RKHenry 7 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Ralwus and Ralph - Thank you for the comments my friends. Again and always, I greatly appreciate you stopping in and leaving a perspective point of view.

    Getmyback, I'm glad you appreciated this hub. Hopefully you can stop in and read some more of my art hubs. Your words are always welcome.

  • profile image

    getmyback 7 years ago

    RK, I stold every one of these visuals

    just had to I tell ya


    that's what I Say

    that is beauty

    I just love raw talent

    thank you for bringing it to us

  • Ralph Deeds profile image

    Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

    I enjoyed your hub. Too bad Adsense rules don't allow more revealing artistic nude photos.

  • profile image

    ralwus 7 years ago

    Great hub as usual RK. I always love you stuff and your likes. Nice work and he is an artiste.