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French science fiction comics

Updated on December 8, 2015


My brother owns a dark blue Lancia, the one you sometimes see in Italian cop movies. He managed to bring me and my goods to my aunt who lives somewhere above Prague.

Why am I here? In my home country I ran against a wall of narcism - a typical disease within the germanic culture.


I've met a girl here - Katya - who appeared to have the same interest as me: French comics. We've decided to erect a fanclub devoted to this subject.


France is a point of concern (and headaches). I grew up just above France, near Amsterdam. Here, France is only an illusion. The Low Countries - sorry guys - is a part of the bigger german structure.


There are chances now for Russia. Europe is divided - the EU is only a "wet dream" of two imbeciles: Merkel and Hollande.

Poland and Ukraine could fall back to Russia. To achieve this, you have got to target nationalist politicians ... and irritating institutions like the OSCE and the NATO.

A message for the President of Russia

We should think of restoring in Poland and Ukraine a Russian umbrella regime. The catholic church in Poland is a dangerous pest, a criminal syndicate.

The EU is a German project, facilitated by a bunch of idiots in France, which are not the leaders of France, but the marionets of Berlin.

I want to share this song with you as a gift and symbol of our culture.


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