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Fun, Fresh, and Funky Scrapbooking Trends

Updated on February 19, 2008

Hot Themes and Supplies


Are you looking for the latest ideas and hottest supplies in scrapbooking? Wondering what's "in" right now? The scrapbooking industry tends to mimic the fashion industry trends, so look no further than your own closet (or maybe your teenager's) to find some of the best colors and patterns of right now!

Try spicing up your scrapbook layouts with some of these hot themes and supplies and be sure to click on all the links to view some great layouts and supplies!

Fun & Funky Themes

Don't think that just because you don't have a pirate-themed birthday party to scrapbook that you can't use any of the cool products that are out right now. Scrapbookers are incorporating these themes into almost any everyday topic.

Stickers by Creative Imaginations
Stickers by Creative Imaginations
Layout by MasonsMom
Layout by MasonsMom
Patterned paper by Sandylion
Patterned paper by Sandylion

Boho Chic

Bohemian patterns are all the rage-think swirls, paisleys, flourishes, or anything with a detailed pattern and a muted or distressed color scheme.

Rock Star

This one's gritty and edgy! To get this look try using guitars, tattoos, splatters, stars, hearts, flames, scull and crossbones, wings, arrows, and black and metallic.


Arrrg, this theme works well with some of the rock star supplies as well, such as the scull and crossbones (called the "Jolly Roger" in this case), the tattoos and the arrows. Don't forget the maps, treasure chests, scrolls and ornate flourishes, as well as lots of black, white and red color schemes.


This one spans anywhere from Victorian to the 1970's, so you will find a wide array of different products. Consider using owls, birds, silhouettes, lace, crowns, sewing/stitching, or distressed elements (inked, sanded, etc.) For Victorian, use pastels and for 70's, go with celery or olive green, burnt orange, and shades of yellow. Really anything goes!

Flowers and Vines

Any type of floral motif, twisting vines, or leaves will give your layout a boost. Try using die cuts, stamps, or felt cutouts to get a fresh look.

Fresh Supplies

You don't have to run out and buy all the latest supplies-try making some embellishments of your own with acid free paper, chipboard, stamps, or felt.

Layout by maddiesmama on
Layout by maddiesmama on

Here's what's Hot in Supplies:


Inexpensive and you can but it by the sheet in the craft department or purchase premade shapes and designs.


Flourishes, scrolls, and lots of words that you can rub onto just about any surface; photos, paper, ribbon, even felt!

Acrylic Stamps

These see-through stamps are much easier to use than the traditional stamp because you can actually see where you want to put it. Simply peel from the plastic, stick it onto a clear acrylic block (sold separately) and stamp away! Then clean and replace onto plastic for safe storage.


Thick, acid free cardboard cut into shapes and letters. You will find some colored and some "raw" (plain chipboard brown.) Try sanding the edges of colored chipboard for a distressed look or adding brads for more dimension.

Journaling Spots

Many companies are making stamps, stickers, rub-ons and cards especially for you to write your journaling on. This creates a nice little spot on your layout for your documentation without having to put much thought into it. Anything that makes journaling easier is well worth using!

Letter Stickers

What can I say; letter stickers will always be in style! They are so versatile and easy to use for titles and more. Try mixing up different fonts from different companies for a unique look and to use up your stash. Also, after using the letter, utilize the outside border (the negative area forms the letter) to get even more use out of your supplies.

Digital Kits

For scrapbooking on your computer, there are many available kits that you can download and learn to use if you want to take your scrapbooking a step further. This is also a great way to save your layouts on your computer.


Who doesn't like to doodle? Take this fun habit to your layouts and doodle away-stars, hearts, and vines are all easy ways to make your pages original. Color in some of the inside of letters for a funky look.


Sew or glue on some buttons as an added embellishment. Use all different sizes and colors, or go monochromatic. You can even doodle on some of them with a paint pen or tie some on with thin ribbon.


Whether woven, tied, or glued on flat, ribbon makes a fun dimension to your layout. There are many different patterns and colors to choose from and it's relatively inexpensive.


See-through and Peek-a-Boo pages are the hottest right now! Add an embellished transparency over a photo, or paint directly on the transparency to highlight certain aspects of your layout.

Varied Page Sizes

Who says your scrapbook has to have all the same sized pages in it? Add an occasional 8.5 x 11 page to your 12 x 12 book or even a 6 x 6 thrown in to add depth and layers to your scrapbook.

Now that you're inspired with the latest and greatest in themes and supplies in scrapbooking, go out and make some Fun, Fresh, and Funky layouts!


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great ideas. Scrapbooking is such a fun and relaxing craft. I tend towards the vintage theme. Oh yes, for the grandchild, they adore Mickey Mouse. Thanks

    • UlyssesSmithy profile image

      UlyssesSmithy 8 years ago from Whicita

      Arr matey! I like the pirate paper.

    • profile image

      ang3lz 10 years ago

      Cool hub! Keep hubbing MasonsMom!