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Fun Frog Hat Kids Crafts Ages 5-10

Updated on July 6, 2014

Fun Frog Hat Finished


Kid Friendly Project Fun Frog Hat Ages 5-10

This fun frog hat is a quick easy project for ages 5-10. Some grown-up help is needed with the low-temp glue gun portions. It can be a quick put together or a little extra creativity and embellishing can be added. These can be pre-made by a parent for a frog themed birthday, baby shower or kids' play. These can also be a great rainy day project since the materials are fairly common "craft closet" items. Get kids away from TV or video games! Long winters, rainy days or just a little creativity time - Let's get started!


  • Green foam sheet (thin is best)
  • Plain cap (we got them for a dollar from a local craft store)
  • Regular School Glue (or Elmer's)
  • Low-temp Glue gun (to adhere foam to front of hat)
  • Large green pom poms (about 1-2 inches - OPTIONAL eyes can be glued directly to foam)
  • Googly eyes (OPTIONAL - markers can also be used to draw on eyes)
  • Pink Pipe Cleaner (OPTIONAL)
  • Scissors (safety works fine)
  • Marker (black)
  • Ruler
  • Optional extra stickers, gemstones or ribbons for decorating

Time to make - approximately 10-20 minutes

Foam Cutout Front

This is the mostly finalized shape of the foam cut out (you may cut the top edges to cotour in a later step).
This is the mostly finalized shape of the foam cut out (you may cut the top edges to cotour in a later step). | Source

1. You will make the front foam piece wide enough to cover the entire front of your cap and the height a little taller to make the eyelid bumps . Sizes vary, ours needed about 7 inches wide and I did 4 inches high (the actual cap was about 3 inches tall). Painter's type caps work great since they are fairly straight up and down and inexpensive material. Ours were a dollar apiece at the local craft store.

Measure and draw out the rectangle (7x4). Then find the center along the width and you can use a cup or similar item to help trace the top part of the eyelid. Note: On the "outside" edge of the circle you will probably have a little left over space to the end of your foam rectangle so just draw a straight horizontal line to the edge (see photo).

Be sure that your cut out shape looks like the full cut out shape above and that it fits over the front part of your cap. If not, trace and cut a new one (one sheet should have room to do three or more projects).

Creating the Shape of the Foam Front

Start with a rectangle that will cover the entire front of hat above the bill. Our hat need a "rectangle" of foam about 7 in.x 2.75 in. Then find the center, you can use a cup or other similar size circle object to help you trace the shape.
Start with a rectangle that will cover the entire front of hat above the bill. Our hat need a "rectangle" of foam about 7 in.x 2.75 in. Then find the center, you can use a cup or other similar size circle object to help you trace the shape. | Source

2. Have an adult use the low-temp glue gun to glue the foam onto the cap. First put a quick line of glue along the bottom straight edge of the foam, then press quickly to the vertical part of the cap just above the bill. Work a horizontal line of glue every 1/2 to 3/4 inch up the foam piece up to the top. Secure edges with additional glue as needed. If the top corners stick out you can trim and curve them with scissors (shown bottom right).

3. With the school glue, put a generous amount on the back of the googly eyes and push firmly to the pom poms. Let these sit for at least five minutes to partially dry and secure (kids can do this while the adult is gluing the foam to the cap).

Finishing the Fun Frog Hat

4. Glue the pom pom's (with already attached googly eyes) by putting a generous amount of glue on the foam and pressing pom poms down firmly. I recommend having the adult use the glue gun for extra strength.

5. Draw on nostrils near the center bottom of the foam. These can be like sideways commas, two dots, glued on gems or however you like.

6. Optional pipe cleaner toungue. I cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend about 1/8 inch of one end, tuck under center of foam frog face and use a dab of the glue gun and sandwich it between the foam and cap. Let it rest on the bill and curl the end up for the frog's tongue. You can draw a fly or other bug for his snack near the tongue for fun. We also glued little gem eyes on our fly.


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