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Fun Wine and Painting Party in San Jose

Updated on July 9, 2014

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"When ‘dinner and a movie’ has gotten old, our painting parties offer you a refreshing change from the norm. Take in the majestic beauty of the Bay Area and reflect on why you fell in love in the first place."

Painting Can Be Fun For Everyone

In this day and age of high tech gadgets and cell phones that will run your life for you, many people are spending their free time getting back to the basics with painting. If you are looking for something that will impress your date or friends, then look no further than an expert taught painting class. Painting parties are the wave of the future and are a way to show your creative side in a fun and controlled environment.

Valley Painting Parties in Willow Glen leads the way in creating an unforgettable night of romance and sophistication with our adult painting classes. When ‘dinner and a movie’ has gotten old, our painting parties offer you a refreshing change from the norm. Take in the majestic beauty of the Bay Area and reflect on why you fell in love in the first place. We will help guide you through the basics of landscape painting, including basic brushstrokes and how to make your colors shine. Enjoy a fun project that the two of you can share and learn a little something as well. When you’re done, hang onto your masterpiece as a little reminder for you to appreciate all the beautiful things in your life.

The painting masters like Monet and Van Gogh used painting as a way to express their inner most feelings and desires, as well as a way to make money. You too can experience the freeing feeling of painting, while socializing with friends over gourmet snacks and wine. Whether you have never painted before, or are an expert painter who has been painting for years, painting parties are a way to break away from the technology heavy society we live in.

The California coast has been home to many different adult painting classes over the years, and through it all our commitment to bring you a wonderful experience to share with someone special has remained constant. If there’s anything that we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, let us know, and we will be glad to help.

Whether you want a gift for someone important to you, or an enriching experience for your child, we can help. Painting is not only stimulating to the mind and a great teambuilding exercise for you and your significant other, it is also a great way to open up your soul and let it speak to the world. Art is our passion, and painting parties are our way of sharing our passion with you. Share the magic of painting with someone special today!

Carmel Painting

Custom painting Carmel landscape
Custom painting Carmel landscape | Source

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Master painters had a way of coming up with their own styles that would make them unique for centuries to come. Their ability to create works of art that we are still talking about today is amazing. You to, can take home a master-esqu piece of art that you yourself created!

Monet Napa Landscape

Monet inspired Napa landscape
Monet inspired Napa landscape | Source
One of our students enjoying her painting of the Monet inspired landscape painting.
One of our students enjoying her painting of the Monet inspired landscape painting. | Source

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