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Furnishing Grandma's Fairy House

Updated on October 5, 2016
Ilonagarden profile image

Being creative is what it's all about- let's make some cute stuff! Hope you enjoy these ideas and they spark your own fun projects.

Just Moved In? Time to get Decorating!

12 Hollow Tree Lane
12 Hollow Tree Lane | Source

A Place of Enchantment

Whether a fairy garden or home, flights of fancy start with the tiny things that make a miniature world come alive in the imagination. Things that make us feel that some fantasy inhabitants come to live or visit there.

Little furnishings, especially those made from natural materials (but wire and ceramic ones qualify, too) bring the scene to life.

Here is a compilation of ideas, materials, and mini projects for those who have made the dwellings and need to furnish them for the brownies or fairy folk that are expected to come and stay there.

Places to eat, places to sleep, and all the little necessities for comfort (they love their comfort, you know).

Fairy Furniture made from Nature

ideas from, Eyemuse on etsy
ideas from, Eyemuse on etsy

Twiggy Things

Tiny Table and Chair
Tiny Table and Chair | Source

Making Little Tables

Materials You Will Need

  • Piece of scrap wood or bark the size you desire
  • Rock for base
  • Acorn cap for bowl
  • Dried flower petals for decoration
  • Glue gun and glue stick


Just glue all the parts together. Let dry. Simple.

Even A Child Can Do This!

Creativity Given Flight

Take your imagination to the limit, jot down all the themes that this furniture crafting could take:

  1. Musical instruments? Why not? Pianos, flutes, drums ( acorn drums?)
  2. Tables, side tables, picnic tables
  3. Chairs, sofas, stools

Sylvan Music

Have you considered making instruments? A keyboard.
Have you considered making instruments? A keyboard. | Source

Make Furniture for a Brownie Library or Elf School!

Tips to Remember

The video about the school for fairies is one of the best tutorials on making the twig chairs to go with your table.

1. All the furnishings need a glue gun to assemble. Most need twigs and bark from forest forays. I like green moss, and if you don't have any in your yard you can buy it from craft stores.

2. Sometimes the dried moss is sort of a grayish color, which isn't nice unless it is Reindeer moss or lichens. If yours loses its color just paint it with a bit of food coloring.

3. Using bass wood from a hobby store is useful if straight, even, pieces are wanted (like a bookshelf). Or use the birch wood pieces pre-cut in shapes.

Birch Wood Rectangles for your Projects

Loew Cornell 1021189 Woodsies Rectangles
Loew Cornell 1021189 Woodsies Rectangles

Already cut into shape and ready for kids fairy furniture projects. 130 pieces means plenty of tables shelves, and bookcases are possible.


How About You?

Are you making fairy furniture?

See results

Twig Furniture

Bark, shelf mushroom, twigs
Bark, shelf mushroom, twigs | Source
Actually clay made to look like twigs. Useful for outdoors.
Actually clay made to look like twigs. Useful for outdoors. | Source

Collect Materials, Make these Items

Do you grow Lambs Ears?

I mean Stachys lanata, a common garden plant. No? Perhaps your neighbor or friend may... locate a supply and then use them as soft material for a blanket. Or flattened and dried in a flowerpress or book, they may be used as rugs.

An easy fairy bed? Find milk weed husks , use them with the silky seeds.

The bed needs mini pillows! Just the thing for sofa cushions or bed pillows are the buds of the willow plant, Pussy willow.

Rose Hips, dried and hollowed for bowls and pots, much the same as acorn caps, but rosy and rounder.

Shells, collected from beach walks make pretty bathtubs or sinks. As seats or containers of small seeds and moss.

A Fairy Bed for Sleepy Dreams

Cute wire beds are available, and they are really darling accessories to add, but what if you want to make your own?

It will take a bit of time and work, but try this idea.

Take twigs and cut to size, glue together the framework. first a flat rectangle with slats, then the legs and headboard. Make the mattress, using gauze filled with milkweed silk or cornsilk. cover with leaf blanket and add pussy willow pillows.

The Many Uses of Acorns

The fact that they are easily found in many woods (where fairies love to congregate) and their very useful shape make acorns one of the premier findings for furnishing a fairy home.

Let's record a few ideas here:

  • as bowls and cups
  • as finials on the roof and posts
  • add a twig handle- and the acorn cap is a cookpot

Plant Material to Collect

Lambs Ears
Lambs Ears
Milk weed
Milk weed

Mosses are Essential for Forest Fairies

You must remember a few rules for gathering mosses. Otherwise it might be better to buy a supply.

  1. Don't strip all the moss from where you find it, take only small amounts and then move on to another source.
  2. Keep you moss slightly moist until you use it. Perhaps grow some in your yard as a sustainable source.

Mosses decorate furnishing such as table chairs and beds. Lichens can also be used, and Reindeer moss from a craft store gives unique character to the inside of a Fairy home- just glue it to doors and walls or anywhere.

Cart Home Dry Mushrooms

Gnomes count as fairies, too. Dried mushrooms make good material for fairy side tables, platters, bases, stools...
Gnomes count as fairies, too. Dried mushrooms make good material for fairy side tables, platters, bases, stools... | Source

Tools Needed

Snips and pruners to cut the materials neatly. Cut branches and twigs to size, for your projects.

A Glue Gun

This is a crafters necessity. Almost all projects involve gluing pieces together or adding moss and dried petals.

Florist Wire

This wire comes in many gauges and is so handy for attaching parts together or as a stem for holding small things in place.

A Little Hammer

You might want to nail the furniture together.


Useful for adding glue in tight places or moving something just a nudge before the glue dries.

The Essential Glue Gun for this Project

Stanley GR20K Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit
Stanley GR20K Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

A good quality glue gun for all your craft projects.


Did you enjoy this flight of fancy?

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    • Ilonagarden profile image

      Ilona E 2 years ago from Ohio

      Yes, most of the things would fare much better inside, but maybe it is a good thing to make the inside fairies happy? :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      I love all the ideas you have given here for a fairy house, I've got a soft spot for fairies, have many dreams about them.

      I would have to have mine all inside because the possums would break them all up, but it's nice to dream.