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6 Sites to Get Free Knitting Patterns

Updated on January 20, 2013
Sweater Made by Grand Ma
Sweater Made by Grand Ma | Source

As a child I never got to wear sweaters bought at the store. The reason was simple. I come from a long line of talented knitters and crocheters. My Great Grand Mom was amazing at it and my Grand Mom put my own Mom to shame. Sadly enough its been dying a natural death with me since I never did learn to go beyond the basic stitch in crochet and have not made anything more complicated than a scarf with my knitting skills.

Still whenever I want some smart knit sweater or dress all I do is cut out the picture from the magazine or email the link to my mother and viola, within a while she makes it and I have it. I still have an amazing baby blanket that my Grand mother made with patches for my son before he was born. Its now used as a throw on cover in the TV room. Any how before I get totally side tracked let me tell you about this hub.

Very often I get free patterns off the internet and send them to my mother in the hope that she will use it in whatever she is knitting for the family at that point of time. So here is a list of a few free knitting design resources where you can get some knitting patterns for free. Here's wishing you happy knitting.


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