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Get Your Favorite Artist on Pinterest!

Updated on January 14, 2015

Spreading the Good Word

There is no short supply of artists in the world, but among those numbers are a plethora that are not well-known, despite their considerable talent and prolific creativity.

Promotion is what’s lacking, especially self-promotion. Luckily, fans can do a lot of the work for their favorite artists. Social media has made exposure simple.

Of the many ways to promote art and masterpieces, Pinterest is the most popular. All kinds of artists and art styles reside in the still-rapidly-growing Pinterest community, including contemporary landscape painters such as Leeanne LaForge and Kellee Wynne Conrad. Just as artists are able to submit their works on such sites, they also have the opportunity to inspire others to promote their work. Fans are able to pin their favorite artists' work on Pinterest, and their followers will see them. Pinterest makes sharing art remarkably easy.

Oil Paintings On the Internet


What is Pinterest, Anyway?

Pinterest is an online community that is vast and diverse, bulletin board for people to the online public. It is a web and mobile application company offering discovery, collecting, and sharing. Users are can create and share collections of boards - visual bookmarks created through a user electing an item, page, website, or any item they wish and pinning it to an existing or new board. It is a place, as the Pinterest site itself states, "to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you."

With a high level of popularity, it has become one of the largest and most active social media sites in the world within a few years. Each month, Pinterest earns roughly 2.5 billion monthly pageviews. The total number of Pinterest pins is currently around 30 billion, the average half-life of a pin lasting approximately 3.5 months. The total number of Pinterest boards created is at about 750 million. The number of Pinterest pins sent daily settle around 2 million, and the average pin gets repinned around 11 times.

While Pinterest is practically ideal for posting adored art, many artists have not quite made it onto the pinboards. Contemporary landscape painters Nicole Alger and Ken Bushe, for example, would be ideal candidates.

Artists have the opportunity to self-promote, but not all are comfortable with doing so. Even when they are comfortable, sometimes self-promotion is not enough, and fans must be relied on to further spread word. So, if you are a fan, here is a call for you; find your favorite artists and their work, and pin them to Pinterest for them.

Download the mobile app or get the browser Pin It button here.

You pin images from any website. Give your favorite artists more shots at gaining the attention they deserve!


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