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Glam Planning

Updated on December 29, 2017
JessicaRaeOwensby profile image

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I adore Planner Stickers! Especially the stickers that you can't bare to use because they are so utterly adorable.

Practical Meets Cute

Curating a beautiful life today can be challenging with the many activities that we seek to squeeze into our lives.

How do you make time for crafting in the day to day busyness of life?

Glam Planning, or Planner Crafts, are a great way to set and accomplish every day errands, goals and to-do's while still making space to express your individual creativity and artistic side.

Glam Planning takes time management and marries it with scrapbooking. Planners can capture events that have already happened - in the case of a memory planner. Or planners can be more like traditional planners where users capture what they intend to do for the day or week.

Some folks use multiple planners: one for to-dos, another for financial planning (bills, budgeting, recording spending), another for memory planning, another for kid's events and schedule.

Planning doesn't have to be all Glamorous, but it can be!

One of the best parts about planning is that, if you keep notes about what you planned to do, you can see where you failed and ways you can make improvements.

They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Even if you don’t fully implement the plan you intended to, you will get more accomplished - or at least you will know that you got much more accomplished - if you start with a plan.

Print Your Own Stickers

There are many free sticker printables on the internet. Search Pinterest for Planner Sticker Printables, and you will find a ton! Often you don't even need a Silhouette or Cricut machine to make these look great.

One of the big advantages to printing your own stickers is that it can often more cost effective, and if you love to draw, it can be a great way to apply your drawings to your planner without fear of messing up your planner.


Don't know where to start with Glam Planning?

Look for inspiration on Instagram! Tags like #planneraddict are full of beautiful, new inspiration daily! Instagram is a great platform for sticker inspiration because it is so visual. Planners will often put lots of effort into back drops and lighting too; this makes their photos look AMAZING!!!!

Youtube is a wonderful place to find examples of Planner Crafts. For instance, many Youtubers will post "Plan with me" videos where they let you watch as they decorate their planner for the next week! I LOVE LOVE LOVE planwithmeshop. She is one of my favorites! Check her out!

PLANWITHMEshop Plan with me

Getting Started: Materials

1. A Planner

2. Great Writing Utensils

3. Washi

4. Stickers

5. Crafting Paper

6. Permanent Adhesive for taping paper into your Planner

7. Correction Tape: It's the WhiteOut of the Future!

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Types of Planners

Planner Type
Planner Characteristics
Erin Condren
Spiral Bound, Weekly Planner available in Vertical and Horizontal Layouts
Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner
Pages "snap" in and out of the Planner, Vertical and many other Layout types available
Traveler's Notebook
Booklets are tied into the notebook, making for gorgeous, often whimsical spreads.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a beautiful, versatile staple in many planners tool kits. Headers, side bars, boxes and so much more can be constructed from Washi tape. On Youtube, you will find Planners who show how you can decorate your planner without a "kit" - or pre-bought set of coordinated stickers, designed for use in a single spread.

According to Wikipedia, "The word "washi" comes from wa meaning 'Japanese' and shi meaning 'paper'. The term is used to describe paper that uses local fiber, processed by hand and made in the traditional manner."

Staedtler Pens are a great start for your planner!

Staedtler Pens can be purchased on and come in a variety of different colors.

Using a variety of colors in your spreads, allows you to make certain words pop! I love to pick out pen colors that match my week's color scheme and use those!

Practicing my handwriting on a separate sheet of paper before writing in my planner helps me get the lettering just right before I commit to writing!!!

Planner Supplies Organization

Once you gather together all of your planning supplies, you will want to keep them organized for future easy access. Do you plan to travel with your planner supplies? If so, you might want to consider purchasing travel cases instead of stationary boxes and carts for your storage.

Planning on a Budget

Looking for a way to start planning without breaking the bank? There are cheap planner supplies at the Dollar Spot at Target. Look for clearance items at your local Craft Store or Office Supplies store. Don't forget The Dollar Store too!

Remember that you can make your own stickers or decorate your planner primarily with your own drawings. And don't forget to use found items from your daily life, such as ribbons, ticket stubs and invitations to decorate with.

Tips on Sticking with the Planning Habit

  1. Enjoy it: Planning itself is time consuming and sometimes even stressful! That's why it is really important that you focus on the aspects of planning that you love: the calligraphy, the stickers, putting color schemes together etc.
  2. Ritualize it: Every Sunday before the week begins, I pull my planner supplies out of the cabinet and start mapping out my week. It's my Sunday afternoon ritual. Make it yours too!!!
  3. Share it: Do you display your planner on your counter top? Are you apart of a planning community on Facebook? Do you follow every Glam Planner on Instagram? If you are apart of the #planneraddicts community, this reinforces your identity as a planner.
  4. Celebrate it: Flipping through old planners can inspire you to keep going with your current one. You've made such a wonderful piece of Art! Yes, Art!
  5. Start small: Don't feel like you have to finish an entire Planner spread in one sitting. Sometimes it is great to do one day at a time and take a break - then come back to it later. Getting behind can be great sometimes too because you feel to pressure to get caught up!

What's your favorite planner?

See results

Washi gonna do now?

Once you start purchasing washi, you might not want to stop. For that reason, it is a great idea to purchase some washi storage bins. I use these Plastic Rectangular Storage Tray Baskets to store washi - as well as stickers and other glam planning accessories.

Need some tips on how to plan your week?

Rachel, at Define Your Hustle, suggests, "By reviewing your schedule before the work week begins, you’ll get a better grasp on your workload."

I agree. Seeing the week laid out before you gives you a visual sense of how full your week is, and what parts of the week you need to be mindful in managing your time.

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.

— Gloria Steinem

What will you plan next?

A planner for your grocery lists?

A weekly meal planner?

Your monthly budget?

Your workouts?

Trips, Vacations?

The possibilities are endless. So, GET STARTED!!!!!!


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