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Glitter Glue -Tips and Ideas

Updated on September 14, 2019
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Glitter Glue For Crafters

Glitter glue has been a staple for all kinds of crafters. From Christmas ornaments to scrapbook pages to greeting cards, it has been the bling for all things crafty. there are so many options when it comes to glitter glues.

It comes in plastic bottles in a variety of colors. The bottles generally have small nozzle tips that allow to get just the right amount of product that you need.

There are smaller bottles of glue like Stickles as well as the larger glitter glues made like those from Elmer's. I find the larger bottles have less proportion of glitter suspended in the glue. However, each glue is very helpful, depending on your use and the material you are using it on.

Elmer's glitter glue is washable and not recommended for use on photos, bare metal, submerged surfaces, or heated surfaces.

There are also tubes of glitter glue that come as sets.These tubes have small nozzles attached to them.

You can also purchase glitter glue in larger bottles. These bottles have larger nozzles, but are priced better per ounce.

Glitter glue comes in a wet version as well as glitter glue sticks that you can use in your craft glue gun

If you use glitter glue that has the clear white tops, my favorite suggestion is to dab the top with a bit of the glitter glue and allow to dry. That way you will have a reference to how the color looks when it dries.

Make Glitter Butterflies

One of my favorite ways to use glitter glue is to create glitter butterflies. Stamp a butterfly shape and decorate with the glitter view of your choice
One of my favorite ways to use glitter glue is to create glitter butterflies. Stamp a butterfly shape and decorate with the glitter view of your choice

Uses For Glitter Glue

  • Outline Letter Stickers- You can customize any letter sticker that you may have with the glitter glue.
  • Use glitter glue with stencils
  • Accent and decorate to any embellishment
  • Create glitter glue drops on a non stick mat. Use them to circle shapes
  • Use pre-made glitter glue drops to create a faux shaker card
  • Make glitter pebbles. Use large drops of glitter glue to create little pebbles/ Use a non stick mat. Let them set for a minimum of two days.
  • Use strips of paper that are a plank like shape. Rough the edges with scissors. Set them against a black or very dark color on a card base. Use complimentary colors of glitter glue in groupings of color
  • Outline letters in a title on a scrapbook pag
  • Use them on top of brads or buttons to make them glitter
  • Create special icing with them on cards and die cuts
  • Use them as a boarder on a scrapbook page or card
  • Use them as the center of a flower
  • Use them with a stencil instead of ink
  • Use them for the rays of the sun
  • Use them to create a glittery rainbow

Types Of Glitter Glues

Stickles is probably the best known glitter glues because of its quality and rainbow of colors. It is manufactured by Ranger and xomes in .5 ounce bottles.

It is non toxic, acid free and cleans up with water. Because it is acid free, it can be used in scrapbooks.

Another popular glitter glue product is Nuevo Glitter Drops made by Tonic Studios. They are a one ounce bottle with a precision tip.

Neuvo Glitter Drop Tip

Hold the bottle vertically above the surface (without touching it) and “drop” the glue down onto it. The tail left behind from the bottle’s tip will self-level and disappear into your "dot." As your Nuvo Drops dry, this creates a perfect round dome!

Glitter Glue Tips

  • If you are writing on fabric with glitter glue, write on felt rather than fur. The glue will not write as clearly on fur.
  • Glitter glue generally takes 24 hours to dry, so set your project somewhere safe so no one touches it
  • Never use a heating tool with glitter glue
  • If you glitter glue has become clogged, stick a paperclip into the nozzle to loosen the glue
  • Always keep your glitter glue upside down to minimize air bubbles
  • Like any other glue, glitter glues will dry out over time. Ensure that the lid is tightly closed after using your product, to reduce the glue’s exposure to air. As stated above, always store your glitter glue upside down.

Do Not Do This

Even if you are tempted to get the heat gun out to speed up the drying time for glitter glue, don't !he amount of heat required to quickly dry Stickles or Nuvo Drops will burn the glitter. It can also cause bubbling in the carrier glue. Worst case scenario, you might burn your project.

You can combine glitter glue with embossing folders to create unique art
You can combine glitter glue with embossing folders to create unique art | Source

Glitter Glue And Embossing Folders

  • Supplies
  • Clear piece of acetate the size of a card
  • Embossing folder
  • Stickles or other glitter glue
  • Craft spatula
  • Card form
  • Adhesive
  • Sentiment
  1. Take the clear piece of acetate and place it into an embossing folder
  2. Run the embossing folder through a die cut machine, following the manufacturers directions
  3. Chose the embossed or debossed side of the acetate
  4. With a craft spatula, spread and swipe the color of glitter glues you have selected over the piece of acetate.
  5. Set the acetate aside to dry
  6. use the same color of Stickles or glitter glue to the back of the acetate piece as an adhesive for the card base. Attach the acetate to the card base.
  7. Add a die cut sentiment to the card. Emboss with white or black embossing powder to make the sentiment stand out.
  8. Attach the sentiment with glue or use the glitter glue to attach
  9. Using the same colors as was used on the acetate, place a few drops of the glitter glue on the card

If your glitter glue gets clogged, here is an easy solution. A simple paperclip will fix it. (A sewing pin will also work for this in a pinch.) Simply unbend the paperclip and insert the straight wire down into the clogged tip

Prevent Glitter Glue From Smudging

Because it is a slow-drying medium, it’s easy to smudge glitter glue you’ve already applied while creating a design on a project. Work from the top down and from left to right. This will help minimize the risk of damaging your glitter glue before it dries. (This is assuming you are right-handed; if you are left-handed, work right to left.)

Make Your Own Glitter Glue

You can make your own glitter glue at less expense than buying the name brand glitter glues in the same containers. Here is how to do it.

You only need two things, very fine glitter ( or glitter flakes) and clear glue. You will need a clear glue like Elmer's clear glue (or another brand) and fine glitter in the color of your choice. You will also need some small containers. ( this is tp place part of the glue into to save for later)

  1. Start by pouring a little bit of glue into a small container. You need area in the glue bottle to make space for the glitter. Once you have removed some of the glue, remove the cap of the glue bottle.
  2. Slowly pour the glitter into the glue bottle.
  3. Replace the cap on the glue bottle. Shake it and then shake some more.
  4. Twist the cap open and you are ready to use

Make sure that the glue you use is acid free, especially if you are using it on cards or scrapbook pages.

Make A Pattern With Glitter Glue

The fine tip point on glitter glue bottles from Stickles and Nuvo Drops makes it easy to make patterns. Create polka-dots, stripes, circles, and more on your cards and layouts. Make just one or two - or fill a whole background!

Coloring With Glitter Glue

Writing With Glitter Glue

Add some sparkle to your title or sentiment by writing it in glitter glue! Don’t like your handwriting? You’ll get perfect results every time when you use a font on the computer to print your word out, and then trace over it. Or cut your text out as a die cut and trace over that.

Glitter Glue Vs Stickles

Always keep a long straight pin handy to clear your nozzle if it gets clogged

Glitter Glue Sticks

Glitter glue sticks, combined with your hot glue gun have so many options and applications.

Start with greeting cards. You can really go to town adding character and texture to your cards.

You can also decorate ornaments for holidays.

They come in mini and standard size sticks. They can be used with either a low temp or standard glue gun.

Instead of doing a project with a glue gun and then adding glitter, you use the glitter sticks to create just about anything with less mess

Glitter Painting

Glue glue is actually a medium that can be used to paint. Here is how to go it
Glue glue is actually a medium that can be used to paint. Here is how to go it | Source

Glitter Or Glimmer Paste

This thick paste (perfect for using with stencils) contains iridescent glitter in a glue carrier that dries clear. Apply it to surfaces with a brush or spatula. It is made by several different manufacturers with a wide range of colors.

You can get two effects from using this product with stencils. If you use a spatula, you will get a raised effect. If you use a cloth to apply, you will get a flat effect.

It works on paper, cork, fabric, wood, an acetate.

These are fairly small jars, but a little goes a long way. Using these products means that you get a better mix and less mess than making your own.

5 Ways To Use Stickles

Stamping With Glitter Glue

Glitter glues are especially fun to use with your stamps! Highlight design elements (or add new ones) on your stamped images with glitter. Heat emboss a stamped image in black, then fill it in with colorful glitter glue for a faux stained-glass effect.


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