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Goodbye of the Master Frank Frazetta

Updated on May 10, 2010

Today, the art, specially the fans of comics and fantasy lost a little of his magic, died Frank Frazetta, great artist from fantasy books, made success also in comics, characters as Conan and Vampirella are surelly remembered in the art of the Master, an eternal inspiration.

Born in february 9th of 1928, in the Brooklin, New york, since kid was a good artist, the school  teachers adviced his parents to study at the Brooklin academy of arts due his talent, and they did it, Frank has just eight years old but a lot of talent, his teacher there, an italian artist named Michael Falanga saw the great talent the boy had, Falanga was his teacher until teenager, and had plans to left Frank to study in Europe by his own expense, unfortunatelly Falanga died when Frank has sixteen years old, one year after, the art academy was closed.

So Frank had to work by yourself, worked in many comics companies, in many styles of stories. By his work on Buck Rogers covers, was invited to wor as assistat of Al Capp, on his comic strip Li'l Abner, at the same time he poduced his own strip named Johnny Comet.

In 1964, after publish a parody painting of Ringo Star at MAD magazine, several hollywood studios invited Frazetta to make his movie's posters like Hotel Paradiso, After the Fox, The fearless vampire killers and others.

So, his fame has come with covers, for books and comics, his paintings redefined adventure and fantasy comics, like Conan, Tarzan ad Vampirella. Again movie studios has come after Frazetta, wanting him at his animated movies, but they we're not really interested in his ideas and just wanted to utilize his fame to make money, just one movie was made with Frazetta and the producer Ralph Bakshi, named Fire and Ice.

Some artists used Frazettas paintings as covers for their albuns, just like Nazareth , Molly Hatchet ( by three times), Yingwie Malmsteen and recently Wolfmother in their debut album.

In 2008, a cover illustration named "Escape on Venus" was sold in a auction by US$251,000; but Frazetta refused to sell the original illustrations for Conan, many were exposed at a museum with his name, in 2009, a Conan painting named "Conan the Emperor" was the first offered to an auction and were made by one million dollars.

Frazetta had a series of health problems at his later life, and in 2000, due to a series of strokes, lost the dexterity of his hand at the point to use the left hand to paint. In 2003, a docummentary named "Frank Frazetta - Painting with Fire" told his story

In july, 2009 his wife and business partner Ellie Frazetta, died after a long time fight against the cancer, in december, a local newspaper announced that Frazetta was suffering from "dementia".

Frank Frazetta had another stroke and died today, may 10 of 2010 in a hospital near his home.

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