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Secret Google Earth Images & Strange Discoveries

Updated on February 8, 2015
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The World is full of fascinating and interesting things. Prepare to be amazed.

View the world from your desk including these secret, or not so secret Google Earth images.

Don't just plan journeys, view information about particular places of interest, use it to search for secret images yourself.

Remember, Google take all the pictures, they don't have the time to view every single snapshot personally. It's down to us to search for anything that happened which was caught in that snapshot of time.

Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Strangest things Caught on Google Street View

View all parts of the world, including these amazing images. Take a look at the secret images and more videos below.!

 Swastika-Shaped Government Building
Swastika-Shaped Government Building
Nude sunbather caught.
Nude sunbather caught.

Secret Google Earth images gives you a flavour of how fantastic this program actually is.

If you don't have the "latest version of" Google Earth" installed on your PC then your missing out on a brilliant piece of software which is enjoyed and used by billions of people around the world. View any location in the world with a click of a mouse. Zoom into any location you want so smoothly.

Secret Google Earth images...... "not any more"!!

Take virtual tours to Times Square, Trafalgar Square, Tienanmen Square or any square you like. Visit the Angel, Niagara and Victoria Falls. Visit old places of interest, where you grew up. Navigate around your local high streets and roads to see if anyone you know has been caught on camera.

Strange Discoveries On Google Earth

The things you can do with Google Earth are endless and The worlds definitely your oyster.

Google Earth updates it's images on Google every month so go back to visiting those places you've already visited. You never know who will be seen and what compromising position or situation they're were in. Take a snoop in peoples gardens. You can even zoom-in close-up into peoples windows. Maybe you at the window or on the balcony when the latest pictures were taken.

© 2007 Tony


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      Ross Metcalf 4 years ago

      i realy liked the game it ws fun an i think i will buy it for my bboyfrwned 4 his birfday x

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      fred 7 years ago

      HEY ITS FREDDD!!!!!!!!!

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      Teresa 9 years ago

      Where is the picture from?

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      hannah 9 years ago

      how do you get the google earth thing up so i can look for our house i download things but it dowsn't work i can't find the software