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Graffiti Supplies Stores | Shop Paint and Best Markers

Updated on June 22, 2014
Graffiti Spray Paint Collection
Graffiti Spray Paint Collection | Source


Graffiti supplies have been around for a very long time. It is no wonder why there are so many different graffiti stores and graffiti shops offering a very large selection on paint and markers. Why so many options, I have put together a simple article to help you decide where to shop and what to buy. The following includes information on the different types of graffiti supplies, graffiti shops, graffiti markers, and graffiti paint.

Graffiti Shops and Stores

Bombing Science

Bombing Science has long been the leader in online graffiti supplies sales. Not only do they offer a large selection, but they also help identify service gaps to provide an easy hassle-free experience for the graffiti artist.

Art Primo

Art Primo is home to quality spray paint and graffiti supplies. Besides the various products available, Art Primo focuses on free how-to videos, tutorials, product reviews, and an overall graffiti and street art blog.


33Third is a favorite graffiti tools supplier and graffiti shop due to pricing. Every purchase comes with an extra surprise -- sometimes they throw in free markers, large discounts, free caps, and other goodies. Best of all, they offer very cheap shipping for all orders and even free shipping on large bulk orders.

Graffiti Shop is home to a variety of graffiti products such as street art supplies, graffiti tools, streetwear, media selection, and more. They are based in Europe, specially helpful for individuals who do not wish to order from overseas.

Graffiti Marker Supplies
Graffiti Marker Supplies | Source

Graffiti Supplies

Graffiti supplies can either make or break a graffiti artist. Two of the most commonly used supplies for graffiti include spray paint and markers.

Any great artist can easily mark his great skill on any specific media. However, if their graffiti supply is dull and old, then there work will also appear lacking talent. This is why it is very important to keep up with the top quality graffiti brands and graffiti paint.

Graffiti Paint Brands

With so many graffit paint brands on the market, it is very difficult to chose on what is best for the artist. Like any other products, the types of paint greatly differ and offer a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

Currently, the most common and best graffiti paint brands are:

Artist: Does // Ironlak Graffiti Supplies
Artist: Does // Ironlak Graffiti Supplies | Source

Ironlak Spray Paint

The Ironlak line of spray paint include a variety of spray paint types such as; Ironlak, Techies, Tar Paint, Reload, Specialty, and Little Laks

  • Ironlak original spray paint is without the lowest priced spray paint that offers ultimate coverage and can control. The range of colors include over 90 different options. Not to mention, the spray paint quality is premium. This can is 400 ML and is used indoors and outdoors.
  • Ironlak Techies are 400 ML transparent black or white spray paint cans. They offer a great use for rendering, layering, detailing, highlighting and blending with other colors.
  • Ironlak Tar Paint is a 500 ML can that offers high covering tar paint. This spray paint can allows for sharp and precise clear lines that are needed when in a hurry.
  • Ironlak Reload is a monster can! This 600 ML offers everything the original Ironlak spray paint can offers plus more! Naturally, it comes pre-fitted with an ultra fat cap for those monster letters!
  • Ironlak Specialty are household helpers which help with a variety of products around the house. Some of their products include spray adhesive, silicone spray, and fabric protector.
  • Ironlak Little Laks are the babies of the bunch. These 100 ML cans are easily concealed in one's pocket and obtain the same type of coverage and quality as the traditional Ironlak spray paint.

Does: Endless Perspectives

Montana 94 Spray Paint Cans
Montana 94 Spray Paint Cans | Source

Montana Spray Paint

The montana line of spray paint, often known as MTN Colors, holds a aerosol spray for any type of artist. Some of their spray paint products include the following types; Hardcore, Alien, Nitro 2G, 94, Micro, Mega, Pocket, and XXXL or Maximo cans.

  • Montana Hardcore Line was introduced in 1995. Over the years, it has become the king of boutique spray paint. Its formula is composed of synthetic glossy paint, and was created as a result of artists' feedback. The consistent pressure allows for streamlined spraying and an even paint flow.
  • Montana Alien has forever changed the way spray paint is perceived.This can is known for its extreme accuracy and precision. For the experienced artist that wants exceptional control, the Montana Alien highly delivers.
  • Montana Nitro 2G is a 400ml original Silver Killer Acrylic formula in matte finish. It is designed specifically for those who wish to cover fully almost anything at a fast drying pace.
  • Montana 94 was introduced in 2009. Since then, Montana 94 has set the standard in spray paint quality and holds an super fast drying timing. Montana 94 is the largest multi palette to date in the Montana Colors collection. Not to mention, this paint can comes in a very sweet scent of Vanilla.
  • Montana Micro is only two inches tall. This can offers the same quality as the Montana 94 and Montana Hardcore, however it is much easier to conceal. In any event, the can holds 30ml of paint.
  • Montana Mega is a very large spray paint can! This giant comes with 600ml of paint and is excellent for those long painting sessions. The paint is the same as those of the Montana Hardcore line.
  • Montana Pocket comes in an light 150ml size. In fact, is so reliable that many graffiti artists on the go prefer to take this can due to its ultra premium paint quality, fast drying, and excellent portability. The Montana Pocket is a must have with its matte finish formula.
  • Montana XXXL-Maximo is the Ultimate can, in size. Introducing the 750ml skyscraper! This beast of a spray paint can offers the equivalence of two regular sized Montana Hardcore. Currently, there is no other can that can compete with the Montana XXXL-Maximo.

Molotow Spray Paint

The Molotow line of spray paint has been existing for over a decade. This premium type of spray paint was helped developed specifically by graffiti artists for street artists worldwide. Molotow claims to have the best paint in the industry due to their premium opacity, luminance, and lasting performance. Their cans boast an over 250 color palette and hold a very comprehensive color range.

  • Molotow Belton Premium series guarantees very clear and exact lines. The technology involve includes a unique patented spray paint can that delivers all season, no-dust, anti-drip, and covers all. The Molotow Belton Premium comes in a variety of sizes and spray paint types.
  • Molotow Belton Premium Neon cans are truly a revelation and one of the best fluorescent spray paint cans available on the market.
  • Molotow High-Pressure is an action-packed product that delivers an extremely high output rate. The high pressure allows for painting ultra large applications at a very quick and silent pace.
  • Molotow Tech Line are a collection of products aside from spray paint. The products included in the Molotow Tech Line include; sprayglue, phosphor, and pigmentspray.

Molotow Graffiti Supplies Store
Molotow Graffiti Supplies Store | Source

Graffiti Markers

Graffiti markers are essential to any graffiti artists. Here is a related article on how to create your very own graffiti markers or graffiti tools at home.



In conclusion, if you want the best graffiti supplies at a very convenience price then you must be able to find yourself some good graffiti stores. The graffiti shops provided not only offer an excellent selection, but they also assist you in obtaining greater discounts on any graffiti supply.


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