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Graphic Art: An Inside Look

Updated on November 11, 2014

Why is This Kind of Artistry Important??

- Art is interesting, so is the history behind it.
-The world is moving into a digital empire, paper is on the way out.
-Digital art allows for a wide selection of tools at little to no cost.
-Creativity is the key and expression is life.
-It can turn into a career with many opportunities.

Computer Generated Art

There has been a new trend arising in the world of art, only being around for about sixty years and developing soon after the invention of the analog computer. This new trend is computer generated graphic computer and digital art. This includes photography, editing, painting, sculpting, drawing, and illustrating and can be done using any electrical device including desktops, laptops, cellphones, and tablets. There are even computer capable drawing pads and art studio software available for the more serious individuals. It is a hands on experience similar to creating art on paper using pens, paint brushes, and countless other artistic materials. Added together, this makes the possibilities truly limitless.

A Hobby or A Job?

The great thing about graphic art and any art for that matter is that it is versatile. It can be used for work and leisure purposes depending on your specific skill level and interests. I personally use it as a hobby in my spare time to express myself and my emotions. It provides an outlet for imagination and helps to convey many meanings and experiences.

Defining the Limits

Digital and computer art is limited by it's software and materials. Any art created on any electronic device can be described by these words. Digital art is defined by creating works using electronic means. This allows for anything created electronically to claim the title, broadening the range of this type of art. There are many different forms of studio software and smartphone apps that allow for these works to be created and it is often limited by what they are able to do.

Facts You Should Know

-1956 This is believed to be the start of computer art.

-1958 The first computer generated animation is created.

-1963 The year of the first computer art competition

-1965 The year of the first computer art exhibition.

Becoming Interested

In school I took a course in computer art. That education taught me how this type of art shapes the world and how to successfully create digital works. I was given opportunities to use and get comfortable with the digital art studio software and the electronic drawing tablet as described above. There, in that class, I was shown the art and how to further my skills and education. I would suggest for anyone looking to start a career or hobby in digital and computer art to try the Corel brand software. It's an excellent, easy to use and understand program and the one I was first introduced with when I began creating and learning about digital and computer art.

Showcasing Talent

Here are just some of the noteworthy artists and their works all showcased by digital art museums. Looking at these artworks is highly suggested and imagination provoking. You will not be disappointed by the creativity.

  • Gold Leaf Mask by Eric W. Kuns
  • Chorus by John andrews
  • Lobofour by Tony Robbin
  • Seafood Spaghetti Sunday by Eric Wayne
  • Venetian by Peter L. Hammond
  • Ambiguity of Intent by Oliver Gili
  • Calling Trees by Genece Hamby
  • Fascination by Takashi Katayama
  • San Martin by Alexander Sutulov
  • Do you remember me? by Catherine Yakovina

Raising Awareness

You don't have to claim to be an artist to create digital art. As with any form of art it is there for imagination, creativity and as an activity to keep yourself preoccupied in those few minutes of down time you may or may not get throughout a typical day. Creating this type of art is just as easy if not easier than sitting down with pens, pencils, paint brushes, and paper. Why would it be easier? Well, with a drawing pad you get the same feel as if using the real materials but without the mess and with no caps, no needing to clean paint brushes, no running out of ink or paint and no need to clear eraser crumbs it cuts the time in half. if you have never tried creating art the modern way today is as good of a day as any to start.

Have you ever created digital art?

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The Meaning Behind The Art

Many people create art for different reasons. Art is not about having the best looking painting, sculpture etc. it is about creativity and emotional connection. Some create art to add beauty to a rather dull world, some do it to captivate audiences, some do it for the effect it can cause people and others do it as an emotional release. I, personally, would classify myself in the last category but there are even more reasons to create art than the ones I've listed so I wouldn't say that it's my only reason. Art in itself is a very broad range of topics so naturally there's a wide selection and with that a lot of different views of why and how the art was created. This helps make digital art and art of any type that much more interesting.

Further Reading and Resources

If you would like to read more on the topic, learn how to get started, see brilliant artworks and stay up to date with current trends then I would refer you to these great sites:

  • MOCA, the Museum of computer art. This museum showcases talent and gives a lot of useful information and resources.
  • DAM or the Digital Art Museum. Not the biggest selection of art but it has a few quality pieces and valuable information.
  • Deviant Art. A great website detailing how to get started. This site has a lot of amateurs and is great for showcasing art. The best thing about this site is the fact that they have a public forum with a ton of helpful people and information. If you have any questions whatsoever $6 than this is the site to check with
  • FIDM Another great resource that will help keep you up to date with new and popular trends in the world of digital art. If you want the latest news and gossip this is the go to site for any digital art related topic.


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    • brutishspoon profile image

      Amy 2 years ago from Darlington, England

      I spend allot of time in front of Photoshop or Paintshop creating images. This includes Space art done from scratch and photo edits. I like to turn normal photos into fantasy like images.

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