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Great Christmas DIY Craft Ideas for the Home

Updated on November 26, 2013

I've always been a fan of DIY projects, when they are done well. Why pay a fortune for something in a shop when you can make it just as good yourself, and for cheaper. So that being said I am always on the look out for great fun, creative and beautiful DIY craft ideas. WIth the holiday season coming I figured lots of other people would be thinking the same as me, and would be on the hunt for some simple yet effective creative decorations they could make to adorn their homes.

Pintrest is always my first port of call when looking for crafty inspiration (followed a close second by You Tube, video tutorials make things even easier!) So with a quick few keyword searches on Pintrest I managed to find some stunning simple xmas crafts for making decorations, and even a video to make a christmas bauble! Here are the top 5 christmas decoration DIY's I managed to find.

These are all aimed at adult crafters rather than kids, but if you are after christmas crafts you can make with children check out my Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids Hub.

Glitter Bauble Decorations
Glitter Bauble Decorations | Source

1. Glitter Baubles for your Tree

This little craft is so simple and gives a really great full on glittery effect. The instructions and image can be found on Greenbean's Crafterole Blog. If you love a bit of glitter but hate the mess it can make when crafting this DIY is perfect for you (actually this one is even suitable to make with older children). The finished result is just like the more expensive glitter coated ones you would find in stores but at a fraction of the cost. Plus the glitter is on the inside so it won't start fulling off or making a mess in your home.

Colourful Yarn Christmas Trees
Colourful Yarn Christmas Trees | Source

2. Yarn Christmas Trees

This craft (and Image) can be found on Living Locurto Website. I simply love the idea of adding a pop of colour to your christmas with these simple yarn wrapped cone trees. You can make them absolutely you like, just find the right yarn or wool! Have them to match your home interior or your christmas colour theme. Simple and light you can have them standing alone on a windowsill or mantle piece, or group a few together at different heights for a beautiful table centre.

Glittered Candleholder DIY
Glittered Candleholder DIY | Source

3. Christmas Themed Glittered Candleholders

These are a little craft I found on Martha Stewarts Website. They are a bit time consuming and you will require a bit of skill with a paintbrush and a steady hand, although you don't need to be highly artistic as you will use a template for the design anyway. They look so striking and very expensive, like real etched glass. These could even be given as gifts with a different pattern on them. Plus you could use a different coloured glitter to change the look on them if you wanted. Just think how they will twinkle and sparkle when a candle is shining through the glass.

Honeycomb Christmas Decoration
Honeycomb Christmas Decoration | Source

4. Honeycomb Paper Bauble

I actually found this little beauty of a decoration on a You Tube channel called Becca's Stamps. How intricate and expensive does this little decoration look! Plus it looks like it would be difficult to make and it really isn't. The video gives great simple step by step instructions to show you how to reproduce this stunning bauble. Make it in any combination of colours with any type of paper, to suit any theme of decoration.

Felt Ruffle Wreath DIY
Felt Ruffle Wreath DIY | Source

5. Fluffy Felt Rosette Wreath

I totally love this fluffy felt rosette wreath DIY I found on - I think it would look amazing with different coloured felt to, either in a single block colour like red or with a mixture of colours, red, white, green and gold maybe. Simply made using felt circles, a whole pack of pins and a Styrofoam wreath. It is time consuming, but how satisfied will you feel when it is all done and looking beautiful hanging on your door. Buying a wreath like this would cost a fortune, so a few hours work to save the money is worth it! Plus you will have it for years to come, making you very proud of your crafty fingers.


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