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Penny Black Rubber Stamps

Updated on April 12, 2011

Penny Black Rubber Stamps

Looking for adorable Penny Black Rubber Stamps and a great deal. Their are hundreds of active and retired rubber stamps. Ranging from animals to sayings their are so many to choose from. Penny Black also makes clings, stickers, rubber stamps. They subjects or categories for the stamps ranges from Halloween, Christmas, ad any other major holiday. Their are lots of places that sell the penny black rubber stamps.

Penny Black Bear Rubber Stamps

This is a set of four adorable Bears by Penny Black. The bears are each holding a blank card that you can fill in with sayings, names, or anything you can think of. This is perfect for birthday cards, holiday greetings. These four bears can make any card look incredible. This rare set is hard to get because it was discontinued but don't worry they brought it back. Bears 1 and 3 are 1-3/4" x 1-3/4", 2 is 2" x 2", and number 4 is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2". These are a great addition to any collectors collection. The Penny Black Rubber Stamps are a great look to any card or craft.

Penny Black Letter Rubber Stamps

Need to do some cards, scrap book or other crafts and need to spell something take a look at this kit with all lower case and upper case letters that will help you spell your heart out. Penny Black Rubber Stamps makes this awesome kit. Even though this is your basic set you'll appreciate it when you need to spell something out. These robust, clear letters will leave a crisp clean outline of the letter.

Rubber Stamps for Christmas

This great set of 15 stamps from Penny Black Rubber Stamps is a easy to use stamp set for anyone. Theirs Christmas tree, ornaments, presents, stars and many other holiday themed stamps. They are very easy to use and are perfect for beginner to expert stampers. These are perfect for easy looking cards or detailed looking Christmas cards.

Penny Black Stamp sayings.

This is another assortment of stamps from penny black stamps.  This is a great blend of flower stamps, sayings, and different designs.  This will also go great for any different cards, or other crafts that you may have.  The kit includes the sayings today tomorrow together forever always best wishes, friends gifts laughs wishes happy birthday! seconds minutes hours days weeks i miss you, goodbye! au revoir! adios! sianora! bon voyage!, and more for thanks mom dad and cheer up!


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