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Great Scrapbooking Christmas Ideas For Woman

Updated on October 4, 2010

Finding Christmas Girfts for Women

Ok guys finding a gift for your girlfriend,wife or women friend can be difficult. They pretty much have to come right out and tell you what to buy them. But what fun is this and, women like it when you think on your own. About 80% of women love anything to do with scrap booking. Their are so many things to choose from but I broke it down to the scrap booking starter kits and also kits for everyday scrapers.

Scrapbook Kit

Scrap booking is a past time that most men stay away from because of the amount of time into a simple task. Don't get me wrong it can take a lot of time and then you get a masterpiece. These kits are perfect because you don't have to worry about buying something they already have. The kits depending on each come with paper, stamps, crafting supplies.

The Project Kit comes with a sturdy 12" x 12" 3-ring designer album, (54) 12" x 12" divided page protectors, custom & exclusive for Project Life, key organizational tools such as monthly bookmarks for the album & boxes for storing kit components,hundreds of journaling cards for quick & easy photo captions and other designer cards, a rotating date stamp for personalizing, organizing, and aligning your photos with your journaling cards

Craft Stores Gift Cards Great Idea But Not always the Answer

If you are still afraid to get you wife a scrap booking kit then you can go for a A.C.Moore Gift cards, Michaels Gift Card, Hobby Lobby Gift Card or any other crafting gift card trust me the present speaks louder than the gift card but if you must buy the gift card.  Women love it when you shop on your own.  It means alot to them to get a present that you thought about on your own.  So happy shopping Gentlemen.


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