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Guide to Finding Crochet Sweater Patterns

Updated on March 2, 2012
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Modern crochet sweater!Great crochet sweater!Vintage crochet sweater!Big Bow Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin
Modern crochet sweater!
Modern crochet sweater!
Great crochet sweater!
Great crochet sweater! | Source
Vintage crochet sweater!
Vintage crochet sweater! | Source
Big Bow Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin
Big Bow Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin | Source

When you first start to crochet chances are that you’re going to make a crochet scarf or some other simple rectangular patterned item. Eventually, though, you are going to want to expand into more complex crochet patterns. At this point, many crocheters start to look for good crochet sweater patterns. A sweater is a great wearable item that everyone needs to have in their closets. As a crocheter, you’ll need to know where to find crochet sweater patterns that you will be able to use to crochet your own sweaters. That’s what this guide is all about.

Free Crochet Sweater Patterns Online

The first place that you will want to look for crochet sweater patterns is online. There are numerous free crochet sweater patterns available on the Internet. These are ideal for people who are just starting out with crocheting sweaters. You can play around with the free patterns to learn more about your style tastes and preferences.

Some of the best places to get crochet sweater patterns for free online include:

o Lion Brand Yarn Company

o All Free Crochet

o Free Vintage Crochet

o Crochet Pattern Central

o Bernat Yarn Company

Some of the things you will want to look at when getting these patterns to crochet a sweater include:

o What weight of yarn is used? Sometimes the product asks for a specific yarn but you can use a yarn that you already have if it’s the same weight. Make sure to check your gauge so that you get the right fit when making the pattern.

o How much yarn is required. Always make sure that you have enough yarn for the project before you begin!

o What is the skill level of the project? Obviously if this is the first crochet pattern you’ve every tried to follow then you should use an easy skill level and work your way up.

o Is the resulting sweater lightweight or heavyweight? You don’t want to make a heavy sweater if you live in a hot climate!

Buying Crochet Sweater Patterns Online

Once you have started crocheting sweaters you may find that there are certain styles that you really like or that there are certain techniques that you want to try. You may not be able to find free crochet sweater patterns for the projects that you want to tackle. That’s okay, though, because there are a lot of affordable crochet sweater patterns online. You just need to know where to find them. The best places to start are:

o Etsy. Many crocheters sell their patterns online through this great shop. Browse around!

o Ravelry. This social networking site for crocheters and knitters is one of the best resources for finding crochet patterns of all kinds. If you can’t find the pattern that you’re looking for on the site itself then use the site’s forums to ask around and get some help!

o Crochet blogs. Crochet designers often have their own blogs and online shops where they offer their crochet patterns for sale. Take the time to browse through these places. You’ll not only find some great crochet sweater patterns but you’ll probably also find some blogs that you’ll want to bookmark and read regularly!

Crochet Sweater Patterns in Books

Although there are a lot of great crochet sweater patterns available online, there are some patterns that are only available in books. The best way to get started with finding books that have crochet sweater patterns you like is to go to the local library and / or the local bookstore. Browse through the books that are available to find patterns that catch your eye. Crochet books always have numerous pictures to assist you in being able to tell if a pattern is right for you.

Some of my favorite crochet books that include patterns for sweaters are:

o   Crochet Jackets, Wraps and More by Carol Alexander.

o   Crochet in No time by Melody Griffiths.

o   Pop Goes Crochet by Vickie Howell. There are lots of cute celebrity-inspired designs in this book and that includes a couple of crochet sweaters.

o   Glorious Crocheted Sweaters by Nola Theiss.

o’s Fabulous and Flirty Crochet by Katherine Lee.

o   Positively Crochet! 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips by Mary Jane Hall.

Don’t limit yourself to just what you can find online!

Crochet Sweater Patterns in Magazines

Another good offline source of crochet sweater patterns is crochet magazines. This can be hit or miss since you never know what a new issue of a magazine is going to have. However, if you enjoy crocheting then you might want to get a subscription to a crochet magazine anyway. If that doesn’t appeal to you then you can still use crochet magazines to find great sweater patterns. You can look at what the latest issues have by finding on newsstands. You can often find back issues at libraries. You can sometimes score vintage crochet magazines at yard sales or online auctions. And you can always ask around on crochet sites like Ravelry to see if anyone has a crochet magazine with a great sweater pattern that they’d like to pass on to you at a fair price.


There are lots of great crochet sweater patterns both online and offline. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll need to look around and try some things before you find the patterns that work best for you. But, hey, isn’t that what is so fun about crochet in the first place?! 


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  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 16 months ago from Sunny Florida

    Ther4e are so many places to find the patterns you need to crochet a sweater. I often look online for the patterns.

  • profile image

    Emily 5 years ago

    Where do I find the pattern for the modern crochet sweater in the picture.