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Updated on January 9, 2012


How to Make a Kickass Collage About Hollywood CA!

Every time my husband and I go to a play or movie or event, I pick up tons of free place cards, whether it be a play, a restaurant, a movie or documentary, I pluck up about 5 to 10 of each. Usually, at the plays, I pick up 30 new shiny place cards advertising interesting offbeat plays, or concerts. I have been collecting them for over 9 years, stuffing them in a drawer or box until I needed it to make a wonderful collage.

Recently, I got motivated to make a new collage so I went to that 9 year old drawer and created "HOLLYWOOD LAND, NOT!" a new collage of color and statement. The bottom is made from a small, short running play at the Vagabond Theater Group's space in North Hollywood CA, where my husband directs a few of their fantastic, funny plays. It's been the same group of Vagabonds for many years, and the Raven Theater has tons of other groups, including children's play groups.

There's not a time I don't grab a few cards, and this includes any theater my husband Lewis Hauser is directing, whether it be the Santa Monica Playhouse, Palisades Playhouse, Vagabonds or even far off in Westchester, he directs plays and I get my place cards, the shiny ones that after a few years become sort of like collectors items of the past. Most plays came and went. But the place cards remained shiny and new as I kept them safe for over 8 years. Take a look at my latest collage that reflects Hollywood and the climb to fame.

I've been doing collages for years, but this is the first time I delved into my secret stash of shiny place cards. Another secret was to pull out the old LIFE Magazines from 1969 and borrow a few choice sayings such as "The Untold Story of the Unsung!" That says it all about Hollywood. I'm talking about my Hollywood, not the Brad Pitt's Hollywood. Geez, George Clooney doesn't even live in Hollywood. He lives in Italy. LOL. But back to my collage experience.

Start with the place cards, getting them free all over the theater district, even the smoke shops have interesting place cards, or walk along Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood CA, and pick up the place cards in all the stores. Pick up the free magazines. They are sometimes slick and shiny and make good collage material.

Next get yourself new art supplies, fresh paints (Acrylic), fresh brushes, some Stencil rulers, good glue and a special stuff called Mod, that you seal the painting up when you are done. It gives it a sheer shiny look and seals in all the colors. Always start and finish in one day, in sections. Drink Coffee or Cola, or whatever you need to get stimulated to work on your art piece. Don't paint it until evening and use only 2 colors, as I did. Red, yellow, black/white, Orange yellow, and so on.

Once it all dries, put one or two coats of MOD PODGE, gotten at any art store. Once that dries, put it in a cheap plastic frame. You're good to go, or better yet, if you can afford it, place it in an expensive, or antique frame. It's great, and check out my video of my latest I put together within 12 hours. Ready to do what you want, ready to sell, ready to hang up and show off.


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