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Loadsa crafty stuff, the June McEwan way: How to Make and Decorate Plaster Shapes.

Updated on January 20, 2011
Fruit & Flowers using bendy plastic ice cube trays as moulds.
Fruit & Flowers using bendy plastic ice cube trays as moulds. | Source

Easy Plaster Casting

June McEwan 8 Mitchell St Crieff PH7 3AG

Mob: 0777 187 5443


Making (Casting)

  1. Find something to use as a mould. (I used an ice cube tray for these. Other ready made moulds could be jelly moulds, biscuit & chocolate box inners, sand shapers….

  2. Have your equipment ready.

    Jug of Water

    Fine Casting Plaster

    Mould; (laid on top of newspaper)

    Mixing container & stirring utensil

  3. Pour some water into your container, leaving two thirds of the container empty.

  4. Spoon plaster into the container, (always add plaster to water- it doesn't work the other way round), mixing as you go until the mixture has no lumps and has the consistency of single cream.

  5. Pour steadily into the mould. Give the mould a tap to get rid of air bubbles.

  6. Leave for around 20 mins. The plaster will react with the water, becoming hot and cold through the setting process. (This is a natural chemical reaction which children especially, enjoy experiencing).

  7. Once set, turn out of mould and decorate.

DECORATING(using watercolour paint)

  1. Spread newspaper at each workstation.

  2. Supply a watercolour paint box, brush, water container and plaster shape.

  3. Choose the shape(s), you made earlier.

  4. Colour in the shape keeping the paint ’watery’

a) dip brush into water

b) mix into paint colour

c) colour-in as carefully as possible

5. The paint will dry almost immediately.

6. Wrap in tissue to take home.

*You can add details using water based felt tip pens and/or glitter glue

Colouring a plaster frame using watercolour
Colouring a plaster frame using watercolour | Source


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    • June McEwan profile image

      June McEwan 6 years ago from The Works 8 Mitchell Street Crieff Scotland PH7 3AG

      Cool. Thats a great idea, if you mix some ink into the papier mache you'll have lovely colourful results. Another tipis to press the mache around a plastic piece of straw to create a threading hole as it dries...if you want to hang the shapes ...sorry if you know all this. I always think someone might read this stuff and find a bit of it useful!

    • Painter Penfield profile image

      Painter Penfield 6 years ago from Tampa Bay area Florida

      I like the ice cube tray mold idea! I am going to get some cute ones and use them for my hand made paper projects I am currently making from my pile of junk mail!

    • deanzzgirl profile image

      deanzzgirl 7 years ago from Northwest, US

      looks like a fun project!