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Halloween Designs

Updated on November 12, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points

Fairy Cerridwen and her magic Cauldron

Halloween 2012

Every year since I was a young child Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have been online since 2008 promoting my artwork and writing and the moment July comes for some reason I get the Halloween Bug!!

Each year I will create certain Halloween Designs and so far they are each different and unique. The first year online I decided to create some Recipe Cards at Zazzle by creating designs with graphic arts. One of my favorites was a cauldron I created and added a Fairy Rose Cookie recipe inside it.

In 2009 and 2010; I started creating Fairy Witches and again picked one of the designs and added a recipe inside the card. In 2011 I decided to do something completely different and set up skeleton props, photograph them and take them into one my programs and manipulate the photo creating a whole new design.

Now it is Halloween 2012 and my focus has been on Halloween designs that would make great Halloween Invitations, Halloween decorations and could be used as Halloween props.I wanted my Halloween images to be able to be used for many different things, including Goth decorations not just for Halloween but for every day.

I opened my Halloween Zazzle Gallery in 2011 and I am calling it: WhiteOak's Halloween if you are interested in seeing more of my work. I am also located on Amazon and you see a lot of my designs there.


My Halloween Idea-2011

One weekend after my husband and I were through doing photography, we stopped at one of my favorite Halloween Places (Michaels Craft Store) to look at their Halloween stuff.

I will be the first one to admit, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Halloween Stuff. It just so happens that Michael's was in the process of putting out their Halloween items and all I can say is WOW!

My idea this year was to create new Halloween Designs using my photography and adding special effects. I started with the Skulls because they are cool looking, spooky and have a somewhat of a goth feel to them. As I was looking at everything in Michael's my husband was going through all of the bins of skulls picking me out the best ones. I believe he did a great job picking these skulls, a couple even spooked me a little!

Normally what I do is take a certain percentage of my money that I earn online and invest it in props and such for my photography and Zazzle galleries. I will take the items (new and old) and set up different stages in my workroom and take a ton of photos!!

Once I have all of my photos that I want to take for the moment, I upload them to my computer and start to play with different effects. Some of the designs I will put a Halloween theme saying and some I don't. I usually always put a black border around the designs and add this irregular effect that gives the border some character.

Often I also use this effect called vignette and it adds this smokey black film around whatever part of the picture I want to highlight. Recently because of a good friend's suggestion, I started to add different colors to the photos.

To be honest, to create any Halloween Design all you have to do is use your imagination and add a little unique creativity. It is limitless what you can do!


Halloween Designs-2014

This year (2014) has been one of those kinds of years that has taken me for a loop-on many different levels but especially my art and photography.

I was watching an episode of Face Off and the task was for the contestants to create an anime character. To be perfectly honest I never gave anime a second look before watching this episode of Face Off. HOWEVER....once I seen them create these characters something went off like a light switch for me. Hence my 2014 Halloween Designs.

What are Anime characters? To be honest I still could not give a proper definition except to say they are characters with big eyes, spiky hair and just downright cute!

I am almost a 100% sure that my characters have a lot of flaws and may or may not be consider anime or manga but to me they are and as an artist each of us see things differently so this is my version of anime characters.

I have created several different styles of anime characters such as: vampire, witch, black cat, Gothic girls, angel and others. For me and these characters it is all about the eyes and using your imagination.

So for Halloween 2014 I have created several new anime designs and I do have them posted on a couple different places online including Amazon. I just love creating these characters, I may create more or I may not, it just depends on which area my creativity wants to carry me.


Halloween Songs


Halloween and Edgar Allan Poe go together!

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Happy Halloween

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    • WhiteOak profile image

      Eva Thomas 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you Marta (smiles)

    • profile image

      Marta 6 years ago

      Your RIP Crows are just awesome, I tell ya'. Great Halloween designs, Eva!