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Handiwork & Decoration:How To Make Cupcake Candles

Updated on December 6, 2010

A candle is made of wax and wick normally, it gives us light and heat.

There are many kinds of candles. such as Pillar candle, Tea Lights, Votive Candles, Taper Candles, Soy Candles, Floating Candles, Jar Candles etc.

Now we will see how to make a cupcake candle.


  • double boilar
  • pillar wax
  • fragrance
  • dye
  • muffin pan
  • cupcakes cups
  • cookie sheet
  • wick

1. First melt pillar wax in a double boiler, add fragrance and your desired dye. Then mix it thoroughly. Place your cupcake cups inside of the muffin pan and pour the wax into the cupcake cups. Pour the wax at about 140-145 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. When the wax starts to congeal, insert your pre-tabbed wick in the middle. Before cooling you have to do it because you can’t insert it in the cooled wax.

3. When the wax has completely cooled, carefully peel the cupcake cups away from the wax, do it slowly. Then Place the candles on a cookie sheet or on top of newspaper or paper towels.

4. While the wax is cooling, you will prepare your whipped wax. Melt your wax in a double boiler and add your fragrance and dye. For white frosting, do not add any dye. but for colored frosting, add a few drops of your desired color you want to use in the candle.Now cool it slowly. As the temperature lowers, wax will start to congeal, don’t stop whisking. Continue whisking, soon it will begin to look like whipped cream.

5.Place the wax onto the top of your cupcakes. Use a spoon to smooth it out for your desired look.

6. To make "syrup" to drizzle on the top of the cupcake, re-melt any container wax used for your frosting or you can use fresh one if you want another fragrance. Add more dye for a darker color, like red, yellow etc. Allow the wax to cool. Wait until, the wax will have a "gooey" congealed look. Carefully drizzle the wax over the top of the frosting.

7. Cool completely and trim your wick.Your cupcake candle is ready.

Easily you can make it.You can decorate your home with it.Cupcake candles are very beautiful & attractive.

In this video you will see different type if cupcake candles.They are looks like real cupcakes.Decorate your candle in different ways and add various kinds of fragrance.


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      Sam 15 months ago

      This looks nothing like the picture lol