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Handmade Car and Vehicle Cards

Updated on October 2, 2014

Make your own car, truck, train, and bike greeting cards

This page contains a selection of ideas for making your own vehicle greeting cards. Males can be difficult to make cards for but these ideas make the perfect design for men, teenage boys, and little boys alike.

On this page you'll different vehicles, including cars, trains, pushbikes, and motorbikes. They are made using a variety of methods, from printable decoupage, to punch art, to collage, and more.

Printable Decoupage Cards


Printable vehicle cards

One of my favorite crafts which takes advantage of technology is the type of design which you make into a 3D picture by layering up different portions of the picture. The design is downloaded, then printed out from your computer to your printer. For the brightest and clearest picture, I recommend using photo paper with your inkjet printer. A laser printer will produce great quality prints, but you will need to be able to print on card for the elements to be strong and sturdy enough to layer.

Punch Art Vehicles

Punch Art Cars, Bikes, and More

If you have a collection of punches, you might like to try some punch art. Circle and oval punches are especially useful for creating car pictures (think wheels and headlights). Here are some ideas:

Very cute racing car with driver made from circles and ovals, as well as a hand cut body for the car.

Classic VW beetle made from circles, ovals, and label punches

A bubble car made entirely of different sized circles

Cute tractor made from a tag, scalloped circle (double punched), circles, ovals, and a heart punch.

Cute bulldozer featuring a special shaped label punch, square, cog, and word window.

Cute yellow schoolbus

A really clever, and slightly tricky pushbike made mostly from different sized circles and ovals.

Love this one! This is the front end of a motorbike bursting in from the side of the card. It is made from different sized circles, a large oval punch, and some hand cut rectangles. See the video below.

Punch Art Trains

A quick and easy, super cute train made with circles, hearts, a square, and a hand cut piece.

A little train engine made with circles, triangles, flower / blossom, and some free hand cut pieces.

♦ Video below

A pretty decorated train engine. The clever shape of the engine is made using a tag punch several times from the front of your card. Watch how it's done on this video.

Iris Folding Transport Cards

Iris Folding Transport

Scroll down the page to get a pickup truck pattern. Also in the right hand column, you will find links to a car pattern and a balloon pattern. The balloon could be set up to be a hot air balloon.

Scroll down this page for a steam train engine and a tractor. If you click on the link 2008-2009 Free Patterns of the Month near the top of the page, you'll be taken to a new page which has iris folding patterns for a hot air balloon (a different one to the one above) and a sleigh.

Another sleigh with a pile of gifts inside

Okay - I know this says its a water / snow globe, but if you if you make the stands a little bigger at the bottom, I think this would make a great pattern for a fuel / liquid transporting truck (pictured from the rear).

Collage Cards

Picture by Stampendous (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Picture by Stampendous (CC BY-ND 2.0) | Source

Collage Vehicle Cards

You can make a car, truck, train, or bike card by using all kinds of bits and pieces to make a collage. Use patterned or colored papers, cut out pictures from magazines and advertising brochures, buttons (for wheels maybe), beads (for headlights), metal embellishments, such as keys, washers, little gears etc.

Here are some ideas:

Instructions for making the card on the right. It was made using a train stamp to make the main picture, but you could just as easily use a picture from a postcard, old book, or even wrapping paper.

Use these pattern pieces to cut out car pieces from different colored or patterned paper, then piece them together to form the car shown. Alternatively you could use the finished car diagram and decorate it with glitter, stickers, clear acetate, etc.

Here's an out line pattern for a cute car. See the video below for how the crafter puts it together using colored paper / card and clear acetate for the windows.


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