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Handmade Greeting Cards

Updated on February 12, 2012

Handmade Cards

Since 2004, the sale of greeting cards has decreased by 5% and in a digital world of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, it's no wonder. The appreciation of greeting cards is all but lost, with most people skilling through the words on the inside cover - if they even stop to read them at all. Though birthday and holiday cards are still very popular and will more than likely continue to be, Friendship, Thinking of You and other similar every day cards have been mostly replaced by e-mails and text messages which is why this next face is so surprising. In a time when giving and receiving greeting cards is declining, the act of making handmade cards is steadily rising; quickly becoming a favorite among crafters.

The reason for this increased popularity is two-fold. For crafters and scrapbookers, handmade cards offer endless creative possibilities, with hundreds of products, materials, tools, resources and techiques available to make each card extra special. For the recipients for which they are created, handmade greeting cards serve as personal keepsakes customized especially for them. Whereas store-bought cards are generic and mass-produced, handmade cards are one-of-a-kind. They can come in all sizes and shapes. They can pop-up or fold down. They can be stamped, drawn or colored. Names, favorite quotes, poems, personal sentiments and even photos can be added for special touches.

Next time you need a greeting card to be extra special, consider making someone a handmade card. You will find your efforts to be truly rewarding.

Handmade Cards

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    • craftingmaria profile image

      craftingmaria 7 years ago from waltham cross, hertfordshire

      thank you, your card layouts are fab.