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Handmade Valentine's Day Cards - Easy Craft for Kids

Updated on February 10, 2014

Lesson Learned from My Niece

I love visiting my nieces, I get to learn new things each time. My 8 year old niece has already taught me how to pack my lunch. Now this time she was preparing handmade Valentine's Day cards for each of her classmates. Wow, this is a great idea for your kids.  Not only do they have something to do on a rainy afternoon, they also are making handmade Valentine's Day cards with love.  I have to admit that they look much better than store-bought.

Valentine's Day Cards Supplies

The Valentine's Day cards are made with simple craft supplies that you might be able to find around the house or in your craft box. If not, they are easy to find art or craft stores such as Michaels or Winners surprisingly has a paper products section where you can find craft supplies (this will vary from store to store).

1. Pretty Pastel Cardstock - pastel colours give the cards a soft background.

2. Foam Heart Stickers - foam stickers give a nice dimension to the cards and are easy and mess free. Just peel the back and stick on the card. Easy enough for younger kids.

3. Fancy Pre-Cut Valentine's Hearts - pre-glittered and cut out paper hearts are a time saver. Kids just glue and put on the cardstock.

4. Glue

5. Scissors

Valentine's Day Cards Instructions

Kids have creativity and if you put the supplies in front of them, they will be able to create something beautiful.  If you wish to do a simple sample, then follow the simple steps below.

1.  Choose a colour from the pastel cardstock and cut in a square.

2.  Glue a pre-cut heart in the middle of the cardstock.

3.  Put a small foam heart sticker at the bottom of the large heart. 

These Valentine's Day cards are simple and you do not want to overdo it with putting too many stickers or hearts.  It is a simple card because in an hour your kids can make enough for all of their classmates.  My niece finished 22 for her class.

4.  After making the cards, my niece had to finish them by printing: Happy Valentine's Day on the back of each card.  Personalized handmade Valentine's Day cards.

Tips:  She had a printed list of the first names of the classmates in her class.  I printed "Happy Valentine's Day" on a paper so she could copy from it.  She checked off the each classmate's name as she completed their card.  We laid out all of the cards in front of her so she could easily choose which card she wanted to give to each classmate.  Now that is a thoughtful Valentine's Day card - hand selected and personalized with love.


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