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Have A Candle-Filled Christmas

Updated on January 31, 2010

Christmas is a wonder time of the year, and nothing makes Christmas more beautiful than lots of Christmas candles decorating your house. I have previously talked about lots of different kinds of Christmas candles and the designs and styles of many different kinds of Christmas candles, whether they are Christmas tree candles, or Christmas window candles. in this hub, I would like to talk about my personal experiences with Chrisrtmas candles, and Christmas in general, and why I believe so strongly in buying Christmas candles, and why I believe that Christmas candles provide such a wonderful addition to any home at Christmastime.

Growing up, I remember traveling to my grandparents house every Christmas to meet the rest of my family members for our big annual Christmas get-together. When I got there, there was always all sorts of food that was laid out, and I could not wait to sample some of the different things that my family had made. Although I cannot remember why now, I would always try to take some of the food before it was ready, and I would always get yelled at for it!

I had forgotten about some of the Christmas memories that I had experienced, until recently, at my last Christmas dinner. At this particular dinner, my grandma brought out some candles and lit them. I did not think much about it at first, until the smell permeated the house, and then I suddenly had all sorts of memories flooding back into my head. It is said that smell is the strongest trigger of memory, and I definitely believe that this is true. Why? Because many of those precious Christmas memories that I had forgotten about were only recalled once I smelled those Christmas candles. This is why I advocate buying Christmas candles so strongly, because if you have young children around the house at Christmastime, and you light Christmas candles, they will more easily recall all of their childhood memories at a later date if they once again smell those wonderful Christmas scents.

If you want your children, or nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, or whoever, to remember all of their wonderful Christmas experiences when they are older, then buying Christmas candles really will help. I promise.


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